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Many employers in the current job market report how difficult it is to find a suitable candidate from the many young people who come to interview.

The employers’ perception is often that young adults leave school with few interpersonal skills and no idea what an employer wants.

Mix this with perceived poor attitude and an unrealistic expectation of what work offers them in the short term, and you have a generation that is, in the employer’s words, “difficult to employ or unemployable”.

Whether this complaint is fair or not, the fact is that a growing number of kids are claiming long-term benefit. A study in February 2012 showed that 20.4% of young adults between the age of 16 and 24 are currently out of work, which means that young adults urgently need help to get into employment.

Our aim is to offer a free pilot scheme for the young unemployed that will change their attitudes and thought processes to help them find their way into employment.

At the same time, we want to offer for this pilot scheme a guarantee of a number of interviews for apprenticeships and jobs for each of our students.

The Best Candidate Scheme

We are fortunate enough to work with the most established authors and leaders within personal development and business, and are in a prime position to really make a difference.

We can do that with The Best Candidate scheme. our specialists’ number one priority will be to teach the young adults how to feel empowered in interview, and the attitudes they need to display to get work.

We want them to understand the importance of their thoughts and emotions.

Our specialists’ number one priority will be to teach the young adults how to feel empowered in interview, and the attitudes they need to display to get work

Our specialists will cover the following skills: Setting goals How to manage your expectation of the future – Think BIg. Pre-Interview Skills Much of this is basic stuff which many of us take for granted but isn’t taught!

Build Rapport: We will teach a series of techniques that will enable the candidate to build rapport with anyone and make a true impact.

Presentation How to look good and how to feel good.

Confidence: one of the attributes looked for by many employers is maturity and confidence.

The Interview Process: Teaching them to play the “Interview game.”

Listening Skills: How to be responsive to what they are being asked.

Persuasion and Influence Techniques every organisation and sales person in the world uses influence and persuasion techniques to get new customers.

Resilience We will teach the candidate how to maintain focus and not be blown off course by the occasional knock.

In total, we will educate our students from the beginning to see themselves as BRaNDS

A brand requires:

  • a corporate image
  • Development
  • Marketing and PR
  • growth and nurturing.

At the end of the course, our students will show they have

  • Knowledge
  • Determination
  • Competitive edge
  • Passion for what they do

Having a quality brand will show how much more “saleable” they are in interview.

The Format

The programme will run with a main trainer for 7 days and additionally use the expertise of 4-5 trainers – authors who are considered the best in the industry or the country.

The training

Will be highly engaging, with loads of demonstrations and videos. The candidates will practise and have fun while improving their interview skills.

The Outcome

At the end of this course, we expect the students to be primed, motivated and keen to go to interview. We expect them to be articulate, confi dent and well presented. and we intend for them to be well prepared for the interview environment. Remember it’s time to act. you can be part of the solution or part of the confusion!

We want this programme to go national and international.

Your Participation Required If you are a company or individual who want to make a difference and would like to contribute with ideas, email: info@ thebestgroupinternational.co

Also contact us if you are between 17-24 and want to put your name on the list to become a Best Candidate. We will keep you informed.

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