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Vloggers making a difference – Steve Booker

At The Best You, we recognise those who are using their digital space to educate, empower and do good for others   In early November, vlogger Steve Booker set off on a cashless adventure to get from one top of the globe to the other without a penny in his pocket. His two-week adventure covered […]

Vloggers making a difference – Humza Arshad

At The Best You, we recognise those who are using their digital space to educate, empower and do good for others   The creator of a YouTube series, Diary of a Badman, Arshad aims to use comedy to spread a positive message about being a Muslim. “I think a lot of Muslims and Islam in […]

Vloggers making a difference – National Deaf Children’s Society

At The Best You, we recognise those who are using their digital space to educate, empower and do good for others   The National Deaf Children’s Society has launched its own YouTube channel where four deaf young people are vlogging about what it’s like living with impaired hearing, the challenges they face, funny and annoying […]

Rocky Roads to Success – Yasiel Puig: No Permission Needed to Win

Yasiel Puig began his dream in humble environs in early 1990s Cuba. While his father was working in a sugar cane factor to support him and his younger sister, Puig became enthralled with the incredible hotbed of baseball that Cuba had become in recent decades. In many parts of the world, young children see athletes […]

Rocky Roads to Success – Rosalia Mera: Designs on Success

Rosalia Mera was not meant to be a success. She was a female born in Spain at the end of World War II. She was also not meant to end her life with a net worth of more than $6bn. Mera however had different designs on how she would live her life. The mid-1950s was […]

Rocky Roads to Success – Ludwig van Beethoven: Hearing Between the Notes

At the time of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth in late 1770, many children died in infancy. Indeed, four of Beethoven’s infant siblings did not survive. His grandfather already a musician of note during that era, Beethoven had much to live up to. It was suspected by his father, who was his first instructor, as well […]

Rocky Roads to Success – Carrie Fisher: Forcing A Balance

Carrie Fisher was born into wealth, fame and privilege; she went on to international acclaim and superstardom with her roles in the Star Wars movies and lived happily ever after. Perhaps Fisher herself wishes her life had been so streamlined, but it wasn’t so for the daughter of two famous parents. Fisher was raised in […]

The persuaders by Philip Hesketh

In a world with infinite options, how can we convince people to choose us? Philip Hesketh knows the secrets to influence and persuasion   Choice. It’s as exhilarating as it is exhausting, but if you’re on the other side of the table how do you convince someone to pick you, your business or your products? […]

Time out by Peter Shallard

A procrastination epidemic is sweeping the world but Peter Shallard advises how to ensure you have immunity   Everywhere people are dreaming big and accomplishing less. Time feels like it’s speeding up – this year’s calendar pages are vanishing behind you faster than ever before. You go to bed every night with huge intentions for […]

Transformation in the air by Ali Bastian

Ali Bastian and her brother experience tranquility, relaxation and yoga on the Gili Islands   The phone rang a few weeks back, it was my little brother Nick. I say little, in my head he still is 6 years old and I can definitely beat him at a BMX race. He is in fact 29 and despite my […]

Beat the winter blues by Jason Vale

Juice master Jason Vale has the perfect recipes to stay healthy all season long   With the chill of winter in the air there’s no better way to warm up than with tasty low HI (Human Intervention) soup or a beautiful, freshly extracted healthy juice with a kick. I recommend getting more nutrition in over […]

Still calm by Sandy Newbigging

With a celebrity client list and five best-selling books, Sandy Newbigging is on a mission to teach us to meditate to heal our bodies Freshly returned from a trip to Geneva, Sandy Newbigging’s feet are briefly touching the ground as the book tour for his latest title, Body Calm, gets underway. Alongside the highly anticipated […]

What does it take to be a… pantomime actor? by Matthew Kelly

Alongside Hayley Mills and his son, Matthew Rixon, Matthew Kelly is appearing in Cinderella at Richmond Theatre, as one half of the ugly sisters. It could only be pantomime time! How did you first get involved in pantomime, and what is it you enjoy about it? I love the colour and spectacle of it. I […]

Choose your life by Sue Atkins

In her column for The Best You, parenting expert Sue Atkins considers how to pick the best options   This month I’ve been pondering choices as I’ve been working with a young woman recently who acts like a victim. She blames her boyfriend for getting her pregnant and treating her badly, she blames her teachers […]

Honey, I hypnotised the kids by Alicia Eaton

Struggling to get your kids to do what you want and need them to do? Alicia Eaton offers expert advice on making a change for the better   For most of us, the idea of hypnotising our children into doing what we want them to do has simply been a bit of a fantasy – […]

A winning profile: Alastair Campbell by The Best You

Alastair Campbell tells The Best You what drives him, the struggle with mental illness, the problem with education and the skills you need for success – plus how all those things are the drivers for his own passions   He’s the former ball-busting Downing Street press secretary renowned for ferociously defending his former boss, Tony […]

Joe Root: roots of success by The Best You

With a world ranking that positions him at the top of his sport, Joe Root remains modest in his achievements as he has been throughout his career   At just 24 years old, cricketer Joe Root is the world’s #1 batsman. He’s captain of the Yorkshire team and vice-captain of England, but his humble response […]

Harrison Ford: So low before Solo by The Best You

At the release of a new Star Wars movie, The Best You looks at the astonishing story of how Harrison Ford finally achieved recognition Harrison Ford has sometimes boiled down the ingredients of his success to two things: “Persistence and luck”. But this is not the whole story. There are other elements in his story […]

Janey loves… by Janey Lee Grace

The Best You’s columnist Janey Lee Grace presents a round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month   One bit of me feels like running screaming for the hills at this time of year. I dislike the commercialisation of Christmas but I love the candle-lit church services, the cosiness of […]

Top 6… Christmas trees by The Best You

Real, faux or tinsel, with the Christmas tree in place the holidays can begin! Here are some of The Best You’s favourite special spruces     Trafalgar Square, London Since 1947, Norway has sent one of its finest trees – typically 50-60-years-old and 20 metres tall – to London’s Trafalgar Square. The gift is made […]

You are what you write by Julia McCutchen

Ever pondered the power of the written word? Well, perhaps the most powerful words come from within – Julia McCutchen wants us to discover who we really are through a conscious approach to creative writing   Imagine that you are at the top of a busy, high-level publishing career and that one day this ends […]

It’s that time of year to show the love! by Bernardo Moya

There are many ways to show your friends or loved ones your appreciation and love, and at this time of year we tend show it with a gift. The latest gadget, an expensive suit, those heels she wanted. It’s a time of excess… It’s also a time of mixed feelings, a time of the year […]