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John Amaechi: the force to succeed by Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya speaks to basketball pro John Amaechi to find out whether the force in Star Wars helped him succeed – or whether it was something a little bit more down to earth   It’s not everyone who turns down the offer of a $17 million contract to play for one of the world’s top […]

The Zen of motorcar racing by Stephen Simpson

In this edited extract from his book, The $447 Million Secrets Of Sport, top mind coach Dr. Stephen Simpson examines the mental qualities that separate Spanish F1 racing driver Fernando Alonso from the pack.   Alonso has won the coveted World Championship on two consecutive occasions. He was the youngest driver to achieve this honour, […]

10 Places I Have To See Before I Die by Jeff Nickles

  I am passionate about traveling the world.  I also believe that in order to accomplish anything that you must be very intentional about it.  You have to name it to claim it.  Therefore, I have created a list of ten absolutely incredible places that I want to be sure to visit before I die.  […]

Follow Your Dream: An interview with Tim Lovejoy

  As one-time producer of The Big Break Breakfast, producer and presenter on Sky’s Soccer AM and current host of Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, Tim Lovejoy is enjoying the success that comes from years in the TV business. So how did he get there? And what qualities did he need to succeed? Bernardo Moya finds […]

Have fun to combat obesity by Greg Small

We all have a duty of care for our children, to ensure we give them the best possible opportunities to lead healthy, productive lives. Greg Small, Operations Manager at the Register of Exercise Professionals, explains how. To prevent a future epidemic of adults with increasing weight-related health problems, we must tackle the problem where it […]

Inspiring people Jesse Owens and Why Sport Matters by Bernardo Moya

  People sometimes ask what is the point of sport. But for anyone who knows about the events that unfolded in the Berlin Olympic Stadium during the 1936 Olympic Games, the question is dramatically answered. In front of 100,000 people, the African-American athlete Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the 100m sprint, the long […]

A Power To Win – The Olympic Gold Mindset by Matt Wingett

 Some athletes the world over have a very particular mindset that means one thing: Gold. Matt Wingett explores the mental habits of Iwan Thoman, Olympic Gold Medallist.   In an interview with Richard Bandler in his DVD series The Secrets of Success, Olympic Gold Medallist Iwan Thomas revealed the way he brings his determination to […]