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Manifest your dreams by Cissi Williams

How can we learn to listen to our soul, so that we can be guided by our own unique, divine GPS?   To manifest our soul’s dreams we need to take the time to truly get to know our soul, by tuning into its divine energy, wisdom and love. Doing this, we allow our soul […]

The courage to be creative by Doreen Virtue

Legendary New Age author Doreen Virtue is back with a new book which encourages us to get creative. Here she introduces the book to The Best You readers It takes courage to be creative. I know from personal and professional experience, as I’ve been self-employed as an author and speaker since 1993. During that time […]

Shifting Souls by Dr. Barbara De Angelis

One of the highlights of the first day of The Best You Expo was the powerful talk given by Dr Barbara De Angelis. Her European fans came out in force to meet her, and she did not disappoint, spreading her own brand of wisdom and common sense in her truly unique way   It has […]

The Best in You by Michael Neill

At The Best You Expo, supercoach author and presenter Michael Neill explained that it’s how things look to us, not us that’s important   Support and encouragement are part of a coach’s arsenal to help clients move towards their goals, but when it comes to changing behaviours it often takes challenging questions to disturb the […]

The Spiritualism of Conan Doyle by Matt Wingett

As he prepares to crowdfund a new book on the Spiritualist beliefs of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author Matt Wingett discusses the inner life of the man who created Sherlock Holmes, and uncovers what led him to believe in ghosts, telepathy – and even fairies   There’s a famous line in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s […]

The event that changed my life forever by Janine Rogerson

For Janine Rogerson, a life-changing moment brought her closer to her spiritual side and shaped the way she lives today For much of my life, I truly believed that my thoughts were pretty much beyond my control. They automatically entered my mind and did whatever they wished to do. Even more so, I actually believed […]

Sensory pursuits by Sam Red

How deeply do you experience life? In her forthcoming book, author Sam Red explores a life led by our senses The ability to connect more closely with our senses is related to the capacity to be more deeply and consciously aware of the moment. Being in the moment is something that’s recommended as a practice […]

The futurists by Anne Jirsch

  If you could take a peek into the future, would you? Imagine having a time machine that would allow you to glimpse the next big thing in your field or to gain insight into where you will be in five years time. Anne Jirsch tells us some more about futurists.   It may sound […]

4 Ways To Feel Rich When You’re Broke by Kate Northrup

Even if you are overrun by debt or struggling with money, it is possible to have the experience of true abundance. Life should be filled with gratitude and love, and according to Kate Northrup, both of these critical elements for happiness and abundance are free. No matter what your bank statement says, there are countless […]

Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins

  This excerpt is taken from the book Power Vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, by David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D.  It is published by Hay House (2012) and available at all bookstores or online at: www.hayhouse.com.   In 1939, I was a paperboy in rural Wisconsin and had a 17-mile route. One […]

“I Want” Doesn’t Get… by Mel Carnegie

  Mel Carnegie often ponders the idea of wealth. It brings to her mind the saying her mother used to repeat to her when she was a child: “I want doesn’t get!” This phrase, once understood, provides a wisdom that offers freedom and growth.   The links between language (thoughts we have) and results (experiences that […]