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The futurists by Anne Jirsch

  If you could take a peek into the future, would you? Imagine having a time machine that would allow you to glimpse the next big thing in your field or to gain insight into where you will be in five years time. Anne Jirsch tells us some more about futurists.   It may sound […]

The Spirit of Enterprise by Anne Jirsch

  Coach and mentor Anne Jirsch has noticed a change in her business clients. Over the last ten years they’ve become increasingly spiritual. But, she asks, is this necessarily a good thing? I’ve worked in the spiritual field for over 35 years, and seen an increasing number of business people coming for a consultation. I […]

Tarot – giving you the edge in business by Anne Jirsch

Tarot readings may conjure up images of old ladies in veils surrounded by candles, velvet and crystal balls, but Anne Jirsch, who has been a tarot consultant for over 28 years, reckons it can be used in a practical fashion as well.   I had my first tarot reading over 40 years ago. A friend […]