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The futurists by Anne Jirsch


If you could take a peek into the future, would you? Imagine having a time machine that would allow you to glimpse the next big thing in your field or to gain insight into where you will be in five years time. Anne Jirsch tells us some more about futurists.


It may sound fantastical, but today’s business leaders are increasingly consulting futurists – business professionals who predict the future based on charts, trends and logic. I have a better way.


To be fair, the futurists are pretty accurate but they can take a long time to come up with the goods and are, therefore, very expensive. I can show you how to get the same or better results far sooner and have the added bonus of seeing how it will benefit you.

I work with Future Life Progression. You’ve probably heard of Regression, and this is the flip side – we move forward to see the future.


I accidentally stumbled upon this method while I was working with a couple of soldiers. We were attempting to see a past event, but instead, all three of us saw an event that was still to happen. Each of us described seeing two skyscrapers with smoke billowing out and people on the ground, running. We saw a link to the Middle East and oil. At the time we thought we’d had a bad session or perhaps just overly vivid imaginations, but three weeks later, on 11 September, we watched the attack on the Twin Towers unfold, knowing this was the exact image we’d witnessed.


From that moment, we began experimenting to see if we could predict more world events. Within a fortnight, Dave had predicted that America would invade Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction and that there would be a black American President. The results were consistently accurate.


I began experimenting with my willing clients by taking them a few years into the future; again, the results were amazing. They would see where they would be living, who was in their lives and how their work was progressing. My phone became red hot with clients telling me how they’d found the house, job or business opportunity they’d seen.


We looked at our own futures and glimpsed properties that we later found and people that we eventually met. Clients were meeting their ideal partners, getting businesses off the ground, resolving issues with their health or finances. We knew we were on to something.


I wrote a book on the subject, The Future is Yours, which became an international best seller. Soon, people from all over the world were asking for sessions, I knew I couldn’t be everywhere, so I set up Future Life Training. About this time Paul McKenna took an interest in our work and gave us guidance that helped us tighten up our procedures and techniques. Things were moving fast.


Business leaders began to check me out. They tend to be more open minded and willing to try out anything that will give them the edge over the competition. Some secretly saw me for sessions; others invited me into their boardrooms to get their staff visioning the future success of the company.


Today more than ever we need to be constantly re-evaluating ourselves and where we are heading. We cannot stay where we are because we will slide backwards. The days of coasting are long over. All of us need to know which direction we should go. We’ve all wasted time, money and energy wandering down the wrong path, but when we look at the super successful, they know exactly where they are going and how they are going to get there.


The world is changing rapidly, new trends appear, and things become obsolete or overcrowded. Never before have we needed to anticipate the future as much as we do right now. Right now you may be thinking, ‘What tosh’, but imagine if I am right and you can anticipate the future? Imagine knowing the right time to make a move, what to train in and what areas to develop. Imagine seeing yourself in ten years time and seeing where you are most successful or even looking ahead to your own future genius idea.

Among my clients I have writers and songwriters, movie directors and inventors all using FLP to ‘see’ their own future successes and start working on them right now. I have many business leaders who call me their secret weapon.


I would love you to take a peek and see what you come up with. On my website, www.futurelifeprogression.com, I have a number of free downloads. You can look at London in ten years time or maybe the best possible future for the world. While you are there, focus on what you are doing at that time and how it is going. You never know, you might just gain a little insight into your own future success story.


If you would like to contact Anne for a session, please visit her website: www.annejirsch.com

Anne Jirsch

Anne Jirsch is a London born professional psychic with a large worldwide following. Her client base includes heads of industry, politicians and celebrities from the world of film, music and sport. She is an internationally best-selling author of four books 'Instant Intuition,' 'The Future is Yours,' 'Cosmic Energy' and 'Create Your Perfect Future.' She has appeared on numerous radio shows, having regular slots on Star FM, BBC Radio Cumbria and BBC Radio Cambridge. Anne has also appeared on Kuwait morning television, Estonian television and BBC morning news and more recently 'This Morning' where she hypnotised celebrity Natalie Cassidy and took her into her future lifetime. Anne is a leading world pioneer of Future Life Progression and runs the only training school for FLP in the world with 250 practitioners in 8 countries. She is the Chairman of The Past & Future Life Society. She has representatives in Japan, Kuwait, Dubai and Estonia and travels extensively with her sell-out workshops and seminars.

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