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Rocky Roads to Success: Hillary Clinton – A Flourishing Ambition

Hillary Rodham Clinton was born into a middle class family in 1947 Chicago. Clinton’s parents were extremely supportive of her intellect and ambition, a trait which was not especially supported in women at the time. At the young age of 13, Clinton could be found helping to campaign for presidential candidates across the south side […]

A winning profile: Alastair Campbell by The Best You

Alastair Campbell tells The Best You what drives him, the struggle with mental illness, the problem with education and the skills you need for success – plus how all those things are the drivers for his own passions   He’s the former ball-busting Downing Street press secretary renowned for ferociously defending his former boss, Tony […]

Benjamin Franklin: The crafting of a nation

Considered a founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin spent much of his life striving to find his inner entrepreneur. Born in the early 1700s in Boston, Massachusetts, Franklin’s father attempted to steward his young son into a religious career, however had little money to pay for a proper education. Franklin showed an appetite […]

Jesse Ventura: a better body of work

Born in Minneapolis to parents who had each seen service in the Second World War, Jesse Ventura could be described as having hard work and grit in his DNA. Indeed, after finishing high school, Ventura went directly into the United States Navy’s SEAL programme. He served as a SEAL during the Vietnam War, braving wartime […]

The wobbly revolution- Actress Francesca Martinez

 Comedian and actress Francesca Martinez  is on a mission to make us rethink our definition of normality With her striking looks, the genetic inheritance of her Spanish father and half-Swedish, half-English mother, gamine haircut and sparkling wit, Francesca Martinez is the stand-up artist who can cut a politician down to size with a quick one-liner […]

Park Geun-Hye: A Tradition All Her Own

  “I will end the history of division and conflict through reconciliation and fairness.”   At first glance, following in the footsteps of one’s father would hardly seem to be something entirely out of the ordinary. However, Park Geun-Hye’s father was the President of South Korea, and she is the country’s first-ever female president. Born […]

First lady of the world by The Best You

Michelle Obama’s story is not the common political tale of the well-connected woman born into a politically active family. Her story is different – one that in many ways supports the idea of the American Dream. The Best You finds out more. Born in 1964 the daughter of a water plant employee and a home-maker, […]

Rocky road to success, Michelle Obama: Balancing home and politics

  Born in 1964 the daughter of a water plant employee and homemaker, Michelle grew up in a small apartment with her family in Chicago. As a student she demonstrated in favour of hiring professors from minorities. Later, working for the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, she helped low-income tenants with housing cases. Working in law, […]