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The No-Diet New Year by Holly Bell

Former Great British Bake Off star Holly Bell says January isn’t a time to deny yourself – it’s a time to load up on hearty, nutritious food Here we go again. It’s January and the house is finally free of tinsel and pine needles. There’s a vague memory of a never ending turkey and ill-advised […]

The truth behind five-a-day by Zoë Harcombe

  Five-a-day is the best-known health message in 25 countries and 3 continents. Zoë Harcombe looks at the origin, evidence, and nutritional facts. They may surprise you.   Ask the next person who tells you to eat five-a-day where this slogan comes from. Odds are, they won’t know.   Five-a-day was invented by the American […]

Get Realistic! by Tim Brownson

  I was working with a life coaching client this week on some stress management issues when he suddenly accused me of not being realistic.   Whenever I hear this, it never fails to make me smile. It is such an easy objection to overcome.   There is a pre-supposition in NLP that whatever one human being […]

The Worst Myth About Type 2 Diabetes by Barry Landsberg

One of the most pernicious myths about Type 2 diabetes is that it is a disease that you have for life and cannot do anything about except rely on medication to keep you safe. I have actually met people who have been newly diagnosed who have been told just that by their doctors. Like many […]

Order is Everything in Exercise

  Fitness expert Cain Leathem says many people fail to get real results from their exercise regimes because they make simple mistakes. An effective exercise regime should achieve results (sounds pretty obvious!) but so many don’t. one principle that will make the difference is exercise order. For example, many people start their programs with cardio-vascular […]

Why You Should Do Yoga, Now! by The Best You

  Yoga is a classic exercise regime that many people say has transformed their lives and their wellbeing. So what does yoga do for you, and what’s the evidence? The Best You explores. Useful books: Meditation for Dummies The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Yoga – the history The term “yoga” fi rst appears in […]

Stay Youthful with Nicky Hambleton-Jones

  Your skin begins to show the first signs of ageing at around 25 years old. This is when your natural collagen levels begin to deplete. You may not even notice any damage until you are well into your 30s. So it is very important to protect your skin as early as possible. Never leave […]

In Search of Happiness by Gillian Jones

  We all want to be happy. Gillian Jones gives real and practical advice to achieve that goal. I thought I would start with a very important question – a simple question, but one I want you to really think about and, more importantly, answer with absolute honesty. Are you happy? I am not talking […]

Spring is coming – so why not spring into health?

If you’re thinking of getting fitter but always say you haven’t got the time, here’s a new discovery by Canadian researchers that might inspire you to take the plunge. While conventional wisdom states that a steady workout for 30 minutes or more is good for you, you do have a new option. The technique is […]

Great Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For You! by Matt Wingett

Chocolate is one of those products that can cause deep cravings for some, and great pleasure for others. An ancient food, its roots stretch far back in time and it wasn’t always the sweet confection we think of today.   A brief history of chocolate Chocolate was first eaten around 2,000 years ago in Central […]