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Your skin begins to show the first signs of ageing at around 25 years old. This is when your natural collagen levels begin to deplete.

You may not even notice any damage until you are well into your 30s. So it is very important to protect your skin as early as possible.

Never leave the house without wearing a moisturiser that is at least SPF25, to ensure skin is protected around the clock from harmful UV rays.

Remember to take time to cleanse, tone and moisturise each and every day. This will make a significant difference to your skin. Late nights and partying will eventually take their toll on your skin. No matter how late it is or how tired you are, you should always remove make-up after a big night out. Keep in mind that your skin ages eight days for every night that you don’t remove your makeup. It might feel like a hassle, but just go to bed will make a huge difference on the fine lines and wrinkles that will appear in your 30s and 40s.

In today’s increasingly polluted environment, our skin is constantly subjected to harmful outdoor elements which heavily contribute to premature aging, making antioxidants relevant as ever. Vitamins C & E and Green Tea are the vital ingredients that are found in most of the skincare lines today. Meanwhile there are continuous discoveries being made of the latest and most powerful antioxidants. We also begin to lose a lot of volume in our face as a result of fat loss under the skin.

This means the fine lines and wrinkles we had in our 30s may deepen and we might see folds appearing on the skin around the ‘nose-to-lip’ lines and the jowls, and a general loss of vibrancy in the skin.

It’s a good idea to invest in products that will plump, boost collagen production and firm your skin.

Serums are the name of the game. If you’re not using a serum yet, I definitely suggest you start now. Serums are usually oil based and they penetrate the skin far more deeply than any cream can. Deep penetration means that your skin will get the nutrients it needs deep down into the dermis which can help stimulate collage production. I love Skin Vivo Serum which uses pure thermal plankton extract and reverserol SV to combat the visible signs of the skin ageing. This product leaves your skin feeling plumper, retautened, with a youthful radiant look. Scientifically-formulated ingredients that have been inspired by the sheer power of nature have revolutionised the way we look at skincare, providing significant results instantaneously. Look out for ingredients such as Syn-Ake, an advanced neuropeptide which mimics the effects of a snake bite to instantly freeze muscles for up to 9 hours, and if used over a longer period of time, can actually reduce fine lines by 52%.

Glamoxy Snake Serum by Rodial and Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis range both include this active ingredient to enhance the anti-aging benefits of the products. In our 40s we might want to consider cosmetic intervention and non-invasive procedures such as Thermage. It uses radio frequency to stimulate the body’s own collagen production and the effects are apparent over a period of sixmonths and often last for over two years with a top-up. Dr Rita Rakus carries out more Thermage treatments in the UK than any other practitioner and has recently been awarded the Solta Medical Black Diamond Award!



Nicky Hambleton-Jones

Nicky moved to London from South Africa in 1996 and having spotted a gap in the marked launched her own personal styling business, NHJ Style Consultancy, in 2001. At the time it was the first personal style consultancy of its kind and the start of a whole new industry. The business quickly went from strength to strength and, to date, has more than 7,500 clients on its books, from across the UK, Europe and worldwide. As the business grew finding experienced personal stylists to style her growing client base was proving difficult, so Nicky set up the NHJ Style Academy to train and develop the best personal styling talent in the UK. As a qualified dietician and personal stylist, and she certainly knows what works. Viewed as the UK's leading personal styling and lifestyle transformation expert, Nicky is also a popular speaker and author of best selling books - 10 Years Younger, and 10 Years Younger Nutrition Bible, the inspirational book Top to Toe on how to become who you want to be, and her essential style bible How To Be Gorgeous. Her speciality is working with real people, and helping them to redefine the way they feel about themselves - her first port of call, their wardrobe! Nicky has written columns for numerous magazines such as Reveal, Fabulous, Rosemary Conley, Prima, The Lady and Mother & Baby. She also published her own magazine called At Home with Nicky Hambleton-Jones. She's been the face of Transition Lenses and Clairol Root Touch Up, Style Adviser for Freemans catalogues, and anti-ageing expert for Avon - to name a few. She is an entertaining speaker with a vast knowledge of all things fashion, beauty and anti-ageing. She is the ideal person for a ladies lunch where your guests are guaranteed to leave looking and feeling better than when they arrived. She is also a passionate entrepreneur and very good at inspiring others to follow their dreams and transform the way they look. "Just to say what a wonderful talk I thought Nicky did - how knowledgeable and friendly she was.... and glamorous. She has really made me (and many others I'm sure) think differently about the way we dress." Avon event. So whether you're looking for inspiration, motivation or a whole new you - Nicky believes that everyone has the potential to look 10 Years Younger- and one thing's for sure - she certainly knows how!

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