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The 10 best gift ideas

Forget that novelty nutcracker, this festive season choose from our pick of the best presents that will do good and be truly be appreciated     Give the gift of culture with the National Art Pass, which gives free entry to over 240 museums, galleries and historic houses across the UK, as well as 50% […]

Janey loves… by Janey Lee Grace

The Best You’s columnist Janey Lee Grace presents a round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month   One bit of me feels like running screaming for the hills at this time of year. I dislike the commercialisation of Christmas but I love the candle-lit church services, the cosiness of […]

Janey loves… by Janey Lee Grace

The Best You’s columnist Janey Lee Grace presents a round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month   The best present With four children you can imagine the furore around Christmas time in my house, the younger ones have been in orbit with excitement from the time the first decorations […]

Christmas Tech by Bryan Szabo

If you’ve got a tech-lover on your ‘nice’ list this year, you’ve probably already prepared a laundry list of ideas (tech fans, after all, are never truly up to date). Why not surprise them, though, and get them something so cutting edge that they might not even know it’s an option? Here’s a few of […]

Top 6 Christmas getaways

  If you live in a big city, you might want to get away for the holidays. Trying to negotiate your way down London’s Oxford Street or New York City’s Fifth Avenue in the days leading up to Christmas can be exhausting. We’ve put together a list of our top six Christmas escapes.   Amsterdam, […]

The joy of giving by Bernice Bowmaker-Falconer

  Some say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. People like receiving, but they like giving too. Bernice Bowmaker-Falconer, serial charity giver and all round do-gooder, tells us the benefits of giving around this time of the year.   Shopping is terrifying for me. Shopping malls intimidate me: I never find what I […]

Dealing with Christmas stress by Thomas Gagliano

  Thomas Gagliano talks about the holidays and the unneeded stress we put upon ourselves when we go back to our family of origin. We play roles in our adult life that were created by the messages we received in childhood. What inner voice is commanding us to play these roles and why do we […]

Have a gadgety Christmas

One of the best things about Christmas is giving your loved ones a wonderful gift and seeing the expression on their face when they unwrap it. The challenge though is coming up with the perfect gift. We give you some gadgety ideas.   PlayStation 4 Whenever a new generation of gaming consoles rolls around, fanboys […]

Drawing to a close by Bernardo Moya

  It’s been an interesting, challenging but very fulfilling year. As a company The Best You Magazine is now a year old, we have learnt a lot and we feel we have provided some great content with interviews with the likes of Jacquline Gold, Bill Curbishley, Kanya King, Kubi Springer, Richard Bandler, Tim Lovejoy, John […]

Bucket List: ‘Tis the season

Part of enjoying life is living for the moment, so don’t wait until you’re on your deathbed before you make a list of what you should’ve done. Life is happening now, so start ticking things off that bucket list.   Everybody has a bucket list, whether it’s on an official, laminated document, or just a […]

We support: Operation Christmas Child

  It’s not too late for people across the country to help Operation Christmas Child send gift filled shoeboxes to disadvantaged children around the world this Christmas!   Operation Christmas Child is a global children’s project of Samaritan’s Purse that uses simple gift-filled shoe boxes containing school supplies, toys, necessity items and notes of encouragement […]

Safety first this Christmas by Emma Hammett

  Christmas can be magical, but can also prove stressful and a time when people forget about long term consequences, and do things they later regret. Emma Hammett from First Aid for Life gives us some tips on staying safe this Christmas. According to ROSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), more than […]

I’m forcing myself to stop “saving” my clothes by Gretchen Rubin

  This morning I had to force myself to put on the soft, stretchy pink hooded sweatshirt my mother gave me for Christmas. It wasn’t that I don’t like it; I like it TOO MUCH. I find myself “saving” it.   Because of this habit, I find that I have two piles in my closet: […]

Having a restful Christmas

  Give Yourself The Rest You Deserve This Christmas A recent report tells us something about Christmas that most of us already knew: The approach to Christmas can be a stressful time. A build-up of “Christmas hormones” in the body over the festive period can lead to over-eating and fatigue, with many people seeking to […]