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Janey loves… by Janey Lee Grace

The Best You’s columnist Janey Lee Grace presents a round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month


The best present

With four children you can imagine the furore around Christmas time in my house, the younger ones have been in orbit with excitement from the time the first decorations went into stores in August and the teenagers are compiling wish lists. Without going unnecessarily ‘eco’, it is interesting that the UK uses enough wrapping paper each year to cover an area the size of Guernsey, and we throw away literally tonnes of unwanted gifts. I’m not trying to be bah-humbug, I will be hitting the shops, but homemade gifts are always appreciated too, and of course anyone can gift the gift of their time. Instead of me giving my younger ones money so that they can buy their dad something he doesn’t need, I will encourage them to give him a voucher for something that they can offer. Grab an old cheque book (remember those!) and decorate them and write…’This entitles Dad to one free car wash’. So the kids can promise help or hugs every single day…. and for adults – well the personalised gift voucher scenarios are limitless!



Naturally beautiful

Being the ‘best’ you I believe is all about looking at the holistic picture and as we approach the festive season when we start to glam up (which is perfectly fine by the way – one of my books is called ‘Look Great Naturally without ditching the lipstick!’) it’s worth checking we aren’t going to be layering ourselves in potentially toxic chemicals.

Girls (and guys!) you can create the perfect home spa – oh yeah! – grab some organic towels, natural candles and perhaps a glass of fizz and opt for these alternatives to chemically-laden products;

Do some dry skin brushing, in small circular movements, and exfoliate the skin. You will want to ensure you don’t have big hair in all the wrong places but conventional hair removal creams and lotions won’t hit the mark so try the amazing sugar StripEase. Sugaring is a timeless method of hair removal that has been used for centuries leaving skin soft and stubble free. Free from artificial chemicals that can be so irritating, this is suitable even for sensitive skin.  Fine for vegans too. www.sugarstripease.com


Moisturise your skin with brilliant premium quality raw extra virgin coconut oil from Tiana Fair Trade Organics. They do say don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat, and you can and should eat coconut oil (and lather your skin hair and nails in it too). If you aren’t planning a night of passion then lather it on your hands and feet and hair – wrap in a towel or bathcap) and in the morning everything will be silky soft. www.tiana-coconut.com

For make-up, keep it organic. I love the hypo-allergenic make-up from Natorigin, as you don’t have to compromise on great colours. Their organic lippy is brilliant and the lash-building mascara is the best even for contact lens wearers.   www.natorigin.co.uk



Mine’s a glass of white…

As the festive season approaches, the chances are most of us will take a drink or two so how do we ensure we keep our liver fighting fit? It’s a complex organ that is involved in more than 500 functions in the body, including digestion, controlling the balance of blood sugar, and the metabolism of protein and fat. Crucially of course, the liver plays a major role in helping the body to eliminate waste and toxins.

To ensure the liver is functioning optimally, it is important to provide it with the nutrients it needs, to help reduce the burden of the toxins we ingest. Most of us know we should reduce sugar, alcohol, artificial sweeteners et al and eat plenty of organic protein and high levels of anti-oxidant rich foods. We need to drink lots of water – at least one glass for every alcoholic drink – and herbal teas are great.

We can prepare in advance for over indulgence by taking a Milk Thistle tablet, which can help support your liver to eliminate the alcohol and fat from your body the morning after. Try the high quality botanical formula from Just For Tummies made up of a combination of Milk Thistle extract, herb and seed powders.




Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace is a spokesperson for the organic and natural health world. She is known to over 8m listeners daily via BBC Radio 2, and is the founder of janeyleegrace.com, a consumer website recommending the best in the natural, organic and eco world. She is author of five best selling books, including two Amazon #1s. Twitter: @janeyleegrace

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