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Have a gadgety Christmas

One of the best things about Christmas is giving your loved ones a wonderful gift and seeing the expression on their face when they unwrap it. The challenge though is coming up with the perfect gift. We give you some gadgety ideas.


PlayStation 4

Whenever a new generation of gaming consoles rolls around, fanboys take up arms in defence of their platform of choice even though there’s hardly ever that much between them. The PS4 gets our vote over the Xbox One by virtue of its slightly superior processing power, the promise of better exclusive games and – most importantly – a better price.

Price: £349.00


Kindle Paperwhite

An evolution of Amazon’s all-conquering e-reader, the latest Kindle Paperwhite features an improved screen, a more powerful processor and new software to entice avid readers. The screen is whiter and even easier to read now and software additions like a vocabulary builder add value. The big draw remains the same though: the convenience of carrying your entire library with you in your pocket.

Price: £89.00


Sonos Play:1

Sonos has been at the vanguard of wireless audio solutions for a while now but it’s always been slightly out of the reach of most people’s budgets. The Play:1 aims to change that. This compact standalone speaker connects wirelessly to your network and can be controlled via your computer or handheld device. The big attraction is that you can stack these speakers around your home in a cohesive sound system the extent of which is limited only by your imagination (and budget).

Price: £169.00



The cuddly Ubooly has room in its furry belly to accommodate an iPhone, iPad or Android device, which then becomes the little critter’s face. Via the free app, it’ll answer questions, read stories, chat to your child and suggest creative games to play. You can customise the app to suit your child’s interests and abilities. You can never have enough friends.

Price: £30.00


iPod Nano Seventh Gen

The classic music player gets an update.  The new-look nano steps away from the box-shape of the sixth generation and back towards the thin and light feel of previous generations. It has a two-inch screen and is Bluetooth enabled. Perfect for fitness fans who want their favourite tunes close by without carrying something bulky around with them.

Price: £129.00


FINIS SwiMP3 headphones

These amazing headphones are totally waterproof and transmit music through your cheekbones via induction technology. So if you’re the kind of person who has always wanted the aid of Lady Gaga in propelling you through those last few laps in the pool, these are the earphones for you.

Price: £141.95


Hamilton Beach Voice-Controlled Coffee Maker

Have you always dreamt of having a good cup of coffee appear in front of you in the morning without having to fiddle with buttons? The Hamilton Beach Voice-Controlled Coffee Maker is the gizmo for you. Program it to respond to specific commands and you’ll be able to talk it through how to produce your perfect brew.

Price: £36.50
Kodak Pulse 10″ Digital Photo Frame

As technology has raced along, we’ve started taking more photos with our assorted gizmos. A digital photo frame is a good way of moving them from your pocket to a place where everyone can enjoy them. Load memorable shots into a Kodak Pulse digital photo frame and give it to a loved one. You can upload and update it via USB cables, SD cards or by e-mailing pictures directly from your device.

Price: £55.00


Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

The Tagg Pet Tracker helps to ensure that you’ll never lose your beloved pet. The GPS-powered collar is durable and waterproof. Receive text and email alerts via a free app if your pet wanders too far within a certain radius. You can then track them down with on the map. The tracker also monitors your pet’s health and exercise levels.

Price: £65.00



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