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Get comfortable with discomfort by Kate Tojeiro

Kate Tojeiro urges us to deal with the gritty stuff to achieve real results Who knew that watching Long Way Round (Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman) on a cold winter’s evening would be such an extraordinary catalyst, learning to ride an off-road motorbike and confronting some huge blocks about possibility. It led to not only […]

How to be a Media Magnet by Fiona Harrold

You cannot be a secret and a success. Make the decision to get known and get seen and start getting in the media! fionaharrold.com   Hi, I’m Fiona Harrold. You may know me from articles and appearances in the media where I’m known as Britain’s leading coach or as the best-selling author of Be Your […]

Making Wealth by John Demartini

When John Demartini set himself the task 43 years ago of understanding how wealth was created, he couldn’t have foreseen how he would find the keys to wealth. At The Best You Expo 2016, he revealed the mindset of the most successful people on the planet   John Demartini is a fascinating individual with extraordinary […]

How Arnie Got To The Top by The Best You

“The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that. “Early and often” is the motto by which Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived his entire life. It’s a life that began in Thal, Austria in 1947. His father was the local police chief, an occupation that extended into the home whenever […]

Life after debt by Ann Wilson

  There is life after debt. In fact, it’s a pretty glorious life. Sadly, for many people mired in debt who feel desperate and unsure where to turn, that life seems like a pipe dream. Ann Wilson has seven steps to break free.   Step 1: Imagine Get very clear on what you want and […]

Put your best foot forward by David Sturt

  The big questions about being the best you at work are: Do you contribute to the best of your ability? Is your best work getting out there? Is it breaking through? Is it creating a difference people love? David Sturt tells us how to make a difference with great work.   Many of us have grown up believing that our ability to succeed at […]

Your personal brand depends on you by Malcolm Levene

  Many of the people Malcolm Levene meets are unsure about their personal brand. Some believe their in-person brand to be an extension of their online persona. Others think it’s just about being themselves. If only it were that simple. In fact, if it were that simple, people like him probably wouldn’t have many clients. […]

Craig Venter: Mapping What We’re Made Of

  Craig Venter began his journey in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1946. For all he would become later in life, he was, admittedly, not a very bright student in school. Earning only passable grades to get by, his thoughts always lay beyond the scope of the rest of the class. It was after he […]

Can you have a work life balance? by Stefanie Hartman

  Are you lacking energy and tired of living from paycheck to paycheck? Maybe you’re tired of 60-hour workweeks, or your deadlines prevent you from having a happy, balanced home. Stefanie Hartman asks if a work life balance is just a pipe dream.   If you’re dragging your feet to work every day, it might […]

The Power of Gratitude by T. Harv Eker

  We hear it so often that being grateful is something that should naturally to us by now. However, many of us still need to be reminded to say “thank you”, and T. Harv Eker tell us why this is so important.   Be grateful! We hear it all the time, at least in a […]

Howard Schultz: Making More Than Bucks At Starbucks

  Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, Howard Schultz was born to working-class parents. Schultz spent his youth pursuing team sports and college came calling in the form of a sports scholarship, making him the first person in his family to pursue higher education. While overseeing American Operations for Swedish Coffee Manufacturer Hammarplast, Schultz’s […]

The Mindset for Making Money by Pam Grout

Is being wealthy a state of mind? Pam Grout says the time to be wealthy is right now by looking at wealth from a quantum physics perspective. And she says that money isn’t real anyway.   In 1937 when Napoleon Hill wrote his now-classic tome, quantum physics was still in diapers. Einstein, of course, had […]

Negotiation tips from the playground by Jo Haigh

  I have spent most of my professional life negotiating one thing or other, be it the purchase or acquisition of a company, or the terms around a new financial lending instrument. I have attended a number of high profile training classes in negotiation skills in my career and even taught the odd group of […]