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Rethink your fears – Hazel Gale

Hazel Gale explains how all of our senses affect our perceptions and behaviours    Think of something you really, really like. Something simple like cupcakes, kittens or organising a shelf of books so the spines form a perfect spectrum of rainbow colour (just me?).  Take a moment to consider your particular mental image of that […]

NLP and the NHS – Kay Cooke

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is associated with success and personal development, but what if we could use it as a tool to tackle mental health? Dr Louise Golightly is a consultant psychiatrist working on an Acute Admission Ward looking after men with severe mental illness, she is also a SNLP master practitioner and medical trainer of […]

Can you see the other side?

Are you too self-centered? Are you a ‘me-me’? We go through our day-to-day lives doing what we do, thinking what we think is right, or we focus on our thoughts and deeds. In neuro-linguistic programming it’s defined by the phrase, ‘the map is not the territory’ – in other words the way that we see […]

7 ways to face your fears by Dr. Richard Bandler

Ahead of his UK seminars, Richard Bandler shares his insight into how we can overcome the phobias that are holding us back. 1. Dont waste your time. How you work with someone with a fear of heights is different to how you would work with someone with a fear of spiders. But the major thing […]

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  If you ask ten different people to define NLP, you will end up with ten different definitions – that has certainly been my experience anyway. One time, when I attended an NLP conference weekend, the members of the specialist panel, who were answering questions from the audience, each gave different versions of what NLP is […]

Telephone Talk And Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Laura Spicer

Laura Spicer describes four ways of speaking that can really undermine your telephone manner. Is your telephone manner letting you down? Do you find that you don’t build the rapport with clients that others do, when you are working on the phone? Ever wondered why? It’s amazing how few people actually pay attention to what […]