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Overcoming addiction by Kristen White

  It’s time to rise up and help others overcome addiction. Kristen White chats with Dr. Jean LaCour and finds out how to find prosperity and peace as a professional recovery coach.   Addiction and loss are often terrifying and chaotic experiences that can wipe out people’s health, success and financial stability.   “It is […]

Inspire a legacy in 2014 by Kristen White

  Most of us don’t realise that we have the ability to inspire and help others through our own unique experiences. Ann McIndoo, a professional author coach, has helped nearly 1,000 people find the book within their own personal life experience. Kristen White asks her how we do the same.   “I had always been […]

Breakthrough your Money Blocks by Kristen White

  Want to manifest more money in 2014? It may be as simple as resetting your financial set point. The Best You’s very own Kristen White chats to Dr. David Trybus about how to do this.   So, what is a financial set point? “It’s a number your subconscious mind has determined feels safe,” says […]

What is Vitality? by Kristen White

  A unique blend of physician, filmmaker and monk, Dr. Pedram Shojai, is searching for truth, specifically the truth about your health. Kristen White chats to him and finds it’s never too late to make a U-turn into the direction of true health.   Dr. Pedram Shojai spent four years as a Toaist monk and […]

August 2013

  We have a great issue for you this month. Our cover star is the esteemed First Lady of television, Oprah Winfrey. She has had a tough life, but she has managed to turn those difficulties into strengths and has become one of the wealthiest and most successful women in the world. We also talk […]

Living a Vivid Life by Kristen White

  Have you ever wondered how to ignite an inspirational global movement when you don’t know a soul and you have not spent a pound? Kristen White speaks to Shayne Traviss, a best selling author, about how he achieved this. Imagine if every day you’re having a personal conversation for an hour with one of the luminaries […]

How A Virgin Is Changing The Way We Eat by Kristen White

You are eating all of the right things, but you can’t seem to lose weight. Kristen White speaks to fitness expert and bestselling author JJ Virgin, who reckons your “diet foods” may be to blame. One day we wake up and we start to feel less energetic, more bloated, perhaps even achy in our joints […]

July 2013

Hello there! And welcome to a brand new issue of The Best You! With the news that football legend and style icon David Beckham has hung up his football boots for good, we have a bit of a Becks Bonanza going on here. He certainly makes a great cover star, and in addition to the […]

A woman of many facets – Kristen White

The Best You would like to welcome Kristen White, American media personality and host of The Ripple Effect, as a regular columnist. But before we dive right into her opinions, we thought we’d introduce you to her and get to know her a bit.   Kristen White defines herself as life coach, media coach, author, […]