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Breakthrough your Money Blocks by Kristen White


Want to manifest more money in 2014? It may be as simple as resetting your financial set point. The Best You’s very own Kristen White chats to Dr. David Trybus about how to do this.


So, what is a financial set point? “It’s a number your subconscious mind has determined feels safe,” says Dr. David Trybus, “And this number often is a result of an emotional event in your past.”


You’ve probably heard emotions can impact your health. Now Dr. Trybus and his partner, Barbara Webber, say these same emotions can impact your wealth, too.


For example, if you hear your father say, rich people are greedy when you’re five years old, and there are some strong emotions around his statements, as a child you may internalize this by saying ‘If I’m rich, then my father will not like me,’ says Trybus.


In this case study, as a teenager with a single parent, one woman heard over and over again, “All your father thinks you are worth is the $80.10.” This was because this was the exact amount he paid in child support every month. This created a financial set point for this number in this individual, and no matter how much she earned as an adult, the balance at the end of the cycle was always around  $80.  Her mother was upset as a single parent and the emotional energy around this monthly check amount created a set point in the child, says Webber.


It’s the emotion that is attached to the spoken word, which carries the energy, which is then picked up by you. As an integrative medicine expert, Dr Trybus, uses kinethesiology to test where in your body and when in your lifetime, the subconscious mind has created one of these financial set points.  Once identified, Trybus and Webber have created a process to clear these set points called the Genki Clearing Process.  This process, called Genki Masters, is a blend of Eastern and Western healing philosophies combined with decades of experience in Dr. Trybus’ private practice.


The Genki Clearing Process has three key steps. Firstly, you need to identify where the set point is located in the physical body and create an awareness of what organ system is related to the block and what emotion is activated by the set point.


Secondly, you will identify the original time the financial set point was locked into the your energy system.


Thirdly, the hidden emotions are revealed, which disconnects the pattern around money, which you keep repeating, and results in keeping you from moving forward into increased prosperity. Once the set point is removed, the hidden block is replaced with a new message to your neuro-pathway designed to strengthen the new desired outcome. This is established through a series of statements. For example, if you want to make $10, 000 a month, you may create a statement that says,  “ I feel happy and safe making and keeping $10,000 a month.”


Barbara Webber says the change is permanent. “It’s like weeding a garden – once you pull it out by the root, its gone, but you also need to tend you mental garden and take care of the new ideas.” The clearing is related to your personal desires. It’s not simply about being free of a pattern; it’s also about where you want to direct your energy as you move into the future. This is how the desire statements are created, what is the vision of what you would like to see manifested in your finances. It’s also important to be specific. A statement like, “I want more money” is not as powerful as “I am happy and safe to receive and keep $25,000 a month, ” says Trybus.


How much money is possible once the financial set point is reset? Dr. Trybus says you are the one in control. “How much do you feel you deserve?” asks Trybus. “If you can be comfortable with a million dollars, then it’s absolutely possible. You determine the numbers within yourself.”


So, here is the personal challenge to you as you step into the New Year. Answer this question: What is it that you really want? Then second part of this process is to be prepared to receive it.

You can learn more about Dr. David Trybus and Barbara Webber at GenkiMasters.com/Trial. They have a FREE gift for you there where you can receive a clearing session and have support identifying the money blocks in your life.

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