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Overcoming addiction by Kristen White


It’s time to rise up and help others overcome addiction. Kristen White chats with Dr. Jean LaCour and finds out how to find prosperity and peace as a professional recovery coach.


Addiction and loss are often terrifying and chaotic experiences that can wipe out people’s health, success and financial stability.


“It is very shaming and stigmatizing to not be able to control your behaviour around a substance or activity that has negative consequences”, says Dr. Jean.


For the past 15 years, Dr. Jean LaCour has helped others impacted by addiction find pathways to recovery and success. Through her company, Net Institute, she has educated and empowered thousands of certified professional recovery coaches to help clients gain freedom from addiction and co-dependency. In her tenure at Net Institute, Dr. Jean LaCour has touched the lives of over 250,000 clients, and they are only the beginning.


“I was looking for something new. I’ve really been searching for a better way to help people, and that’s when I created this new approach that we call Rise. Through Rise, I am bringing together the proven protocols around professional coaching or professional life coaching with the best practices that we’ve been using in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. It’s a way to join the clinical with the non clinical, and it’s a much wider ability to equip people to be very effective in nonclinical ways.”


Those things that almost kill you sometimes create the doorway to your destiny, according to Dr. Jean. Through coaching, the Net Institute has an opportunity to offer a service that does not have the stigma that counselling has. Coaching is future-centric; it helps clients realise they have a life, a plan, and a solution to their problems. Many of the Net Institute’s clients move through the experience of recovery to see that it’s part of who they are. It makes them stronger, more compassionate, and more able to fulfil the destiny that is theirs uniquely.


Such is the case with Dr. Jean herself.


“None of this is academic for me. I come from a family of multi-generational alcoholism, and so does my husband, Charles,” says Dr. Jean.


And she has dealt with addiction herself. Charles and Jean’s experience in the counterculture era of the 1960s made it difficult for them to transition to a sober lifestyle in dominant culture. In the corporate world, Charles’ alcoholism became more and more severe.


“I was a five-star co-dependent,” says Jean. “I kept everything working so well that my husband could continue to drink.”


It was during this time that Jean and Charles began looking for other options. As Dr. Jean personally began to search out solutions for her own family, she ended up going to a local treatment centre and learning the dynamics around co-dependency and addiction. That led to Dr. Jean’s personal recovery, then Charles’ recovery, and eventually their combined passion to teach others.


After years of being a drug and alcohol counsellor, Charles began moving into a coaching relationship with his clients, and he saw such great response. Dr. Jean began searching out the best professional coaching skills to match up with the recovery skills that her and Charles brought. That’s how Jean discovered Berry Fowler, the founder of the Sylvan Learning Centre and expert professional coach, as an integral member of the Rise Recovery programme.


Traditionally, addiction has been treated in centres by overloaded therapists. This is a new model that allows more freedom and results in lasting results for the clients. Both the recovery coach and the person fighting addiction end up feeling empowered.


What makes the Rise Recovery program different is a true understanding of the power of the joyful connections between clients and coaches.


“We want to move from mere survival, to sobriety, to a place where clients can truly taste the success of living a life free from the compulsion of addiction.”


Rise Recovery will emphasise the power of connection between the client and the coach, which will increase the incremental time that the client will stay with that coach.


“How we create the coaching bond is unique with what were doing,” says Dr. Jean.

This is the key to making the life-altering changes that take clients from addiction to lifelong success.


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Find Joy and Prosperity as Professional Recovery Coaches


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