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The Right Reasons by Bernardo Moya

It’s been over 12 years since I decided I wanted to do something different, something that would help and inspire others. For me, It all started with my NLP training, and next year I will have been in ‘the business’ of personal and professional growth for a decade. I’m lucky enough to come across many […]

September-October 2016

Cover September / October 2016

Autumn is in the air, and to celebrate the changing season we’ve refreshed the design and content of The Best You to make it better than ever. In the new-look bumper issue we profile two of the world’s greatest Olympic athletes, Michael Phelps and Mo Farah. We also meet the team who believe your city […]

21st Century Vloggers

Inspirational Vloggers: Parenting special The kids are back at school allowing parents everywhere to breathe a sigh of relief, including these three straight-talking mums who’ve made a career out of truthful vlogging. Honest Mum Vicki Psarias is Honest Mum; effortlessly adding a dollop of realism and humour to parenting. Her multi-award winning lifestyle and parenting […]

Rooms With A View

The Best You’s pick of perfect UK rural hideaways to relax and unwind in this Autumn Elmley Nature reserve, Isle of sheppey If you’re after a wildlife-packed escape, Elmley is the place to stay. This cattle farm and national nature reserve on Kent’s Isle of Sheppey boasts wading birds, hare, watervoles, an array of lizards […]

Mindful Meditation

More and more people are practicing mindfulness in one way or another, proving that far from being just another buzzword it’s here to stay. The Little Pocket Book of Meditation explains how to get started.   ON THE MOVE Wherever you happen to live, exploring the places we know and love can be an interesting […]

Do you have self-sabotage syndrome?

Do you have self-sabotage syndrome? If you often end up ruining your own plans or making life difficult, you might just be a self saboteur. Here’s how to defeat your own worst enemy (that’s you by the way…)   We can all be guilty of self sabotage. Whether it’s find procrastinating when something important is […]

The Power of When

Michael Breus PhD explains why learning your best time to do everything could be the greatest life hack of all. Do you want a simple, straightforward life hack that requires little effort and gets you closer to happiness and success? Of course you do! This might sound like a promise waiting to be broken. It’s […]

Mindful Matters

Mindfulness practitioner Anna Black explains how living in the moment at work (yes, really) can help us perform at our best. Stress at work is a leading cause of absenteeism and can have long-term health consequences. Regularly practicing mindfulness meditation can help, both physiologically and psychologically, because it helps us to become used to noticing […]

Good News

Good News From life-enhancing innovations to planet-saving designs Think Ink Bangalore based company Graviky Labs capture soot found in air pollution and recycle it into new ink. Called Air-Ink, it uses a cylindrical retrofit on vehicle exhausts which can capture up to 95 percent of particulate matter pollution. The captured carbon is then separated from […]

Happy Cities

How happy does your city make you? Mike and Liz Zeidler founded the Happy City project, which believes our cities hold the key to improved wellbeing. Think of the word prosperity and you’d be forgiven if your mind turns immediately to money. However Mike and Liz Zeidler have spent much of their lives thinking about […]

Book Club

The Best You’s guide to the new reads you need in your life.   BRAVE NEW GIRL – How To Be Fearless By Lou Hamilton Rates of anxiety in under-30s has risen by 70% in the last 25 years and now 1 in 6 people are said to suffer some level of symptoms. Lou Hamilton […]

Every breath you take

How aware are you of breathing? Rebecca Dennis explains why the answer to that question should be ‘very’. Rebecca Dennis became a qualified Breath coach and workshop leader after studying Transformational Breath with Judith Kravitz, the founder of the technique. This self-healing practise is one of the most powerful cutting edge breath works on the […]

10 best ways to good night sleep

10 best ways to good night sleep You might not be able to control all of the factors that interfere with sleep, but you can adopt habits that encourage better sleep Feeling worn out? Getting your nightly eight hours is key to your body and mind functioning at their best – from keeping your appetite […]

Feeding your body to heal your mind

Deepak Chopra, pioneer of mind and body medicine, and US nutritionist Kimberly Snyder explain how the six pillars of healthy living have the power to balance, heal and transform. Deepak Chopra is the author of more than 80 books, which have been translated in over 43 languages, including 22 New York Times bestsellers. As well […]

Mo Farah – Hero In a Strange Land

He’s one of Britain’s greatest-ever athletes — but Mo Farah’s career almost didn’t happen. Fresh from gold medal success at the Rio Olympics, The Best You looks back at a career built on sacrifice and hard work. Mo Farah’s story shows how it isn’t enough to have great talent, a dedicated team, and teachers and coaches […]

Michael Phelps – Pool Of Gold

Pool of Gold With 28 Olympic medals to his name, Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian ever and has won more Golds at a single Olympics than any other athlete. He has broken world records repeatedly in many different styles and distances, and has been described as the world’s most successful athlete of all […]