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Good News

Good News

From life-enhancing innovations to planet-saving designs

Think Ink

Bangalore based company Graviky Labs capture soot found in air pollution and recycle it into new ink. Called Air-Ink, it uses a cylindrical retrofit on vehicle exhausts which can capture up to 95 percent of particulate matter pollution. The captured carbon is then separated from the other heavy metals and carcinogens and combined with oils to make the final products, including pens, oil-based paints and spray paints.

Grey matters

Whoever said you stop making friends after a certain age was wrong. The Freebird Club is an international scheme designed to connect people aged over 50 as they travel around the world. It works ‘peer-to-peer’, enabling members to travel and stay with fellow members who have opted to make their spare rooms available for nightly rent. www.freebirdclub.net


Want a flake in that?

An Indonesian library has been built using upcycled ice cream containers. Over 2,000 of the plastic tubs were used to build the Taman Bima Microlibrary’s facade, which ventilate the air naturally. It provides a space for teaching and other activities aimed at combatting the country’s high illiteracy and school dropout rates. Better think twice before you chuck out that empty mint choc chip.


Stuck up

The number of homeless people in Paris has skyrocketed over the past year, so a new scheme has been introduced to let those in need know where that they can ask for a drink, meal, to use the bathroom and more. Le Carillon stickers are placed in shop windows and each sticker features an icon representing a free service.

Pigeons are now being used to monitor air pollution in London using tiny pigeon-mounted backpacks.



Make it growing mushrooms at home from your waste coffee grounds. It’s easy and requires minimal expense. Find out how here www.growveg.co.uk/guides/growing-gourmet-mushrooms-at-home-from-waste-coffee-grounds.



Personalised daily supplements in a single, 3D printed pill.


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