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The Spiritualism of Conan Doyle by Matt Wingett

As he prepares to crowdfund a new book on the Spiritualist beliefs of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author Matt Wingett discusses the inner life of the man who created Sherlock Holmes, and uncovers what led him to believe in ghosts, telepathy – and even fairies   There’s a famous line in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s […]

A winning profile: Alastair Campbell by The Best You

Alastair Campbell tells The Best You what drives him, the struggle with mental illness, the problem with education and the skills you need for success – plus how all those things are the drivers for his own passions   He’s the former ball-busting Downing Street press secretary renowned for ferociously defending his former boss, Tony […]

You are what you write by Julia McCutchen

Ever pondered the power of the written word? Well, perhaps the most powerful words come from within – Julia McCutchen wants us to discover who we really are through a conscious approach to creative writing   Imagine that you are at the top of a busy, high-level publishing career and that one day this ends […]

An Inspirational Story: In fashion by Emily Davison

Emily Davison is helping visually impaired people with style advice through her blog fashioneyesta.com, just as RNIB has helped her   A glamourous, beautiful, confident young fashion blogger is not remarkable in a digital age where several million are posting daily style advice, but Emily Davison’s blog is written with a different perspective from the […]

What does it take… to be an author by Stephanie J Hale

Stephanie J Hale is a publishing expert who helps high-profile entrepreneurs and speakers to write best-selling books. She is the founder of Oxford Literary Consultancy and author of award-winning books including How to Sell a Million Books. How did you come to write your book, Celebrity Authors’ Secrets? Well I thought about the question that […]

7 places to take the plunge

You can find fantastic places to dip a toe in outdoor waters at wildswim.com – here are some spots to try… 1.Plodda Fall, Nr Tomich, Invernesshire, Highlands Hike through the forestto get to a reviving plunge pool at the bottom of Scotland’s highest waterfall. Stunning for diving and swimming, it’s an exhilarating experience. 2. The […]

Making a splash by Andrew Fusek Peters

Outdoor swimming has grown from an underground movement to a mainstream activity. Writer Andrew Fusek Peters says it also provided part of his recovery from depression As I child, I swam across the Thames at Wargrave. The water-weeds waving underneath my feet gave me a pleasurable shiver, even though I was told about the man […]

Jane Austen: A Modern Woman in the Old World

  There are many who think that Jane Austen would have been a fan of some of the better romantic comedies and dramedies of today. Born in the time of the Industrial Revolution in 1775, Jane Austen hailed from the ‘lower part of the upper crust.’ A devoted writer early on, Jane studied as an […]

J K Rowling’s Inspiring Story by The Best You

  J K Rowling’s story is a great example of how inspiration can be vital when the chips are down. Born in Gloucestershire, England, in 1965, Rowling had an unremarkable childhood. Though her teen years were difficult, at Exeter University she was considered a “competent student doing what was necessary to get by”. Then, in […]