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The courage to be creative by Doreen Virtue

Legendary New Age author Doreen Virtue is back with a new book which encourages us to get creative. Here she introduces the book to The Best You readers It takes courage to be creative. I know from personal and professional experience, as I’ve been self-employed as an author and speaker since 1993. During that time […]

How to write a novel to support your brand by Sharon Lechter

Sharon Lechter is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, international speaker, licensed CPA, Chartered Global Management Accountant and, most importantly a mother and grandmother. A life-long education advocate, she is the founder and CEO of Pay Your Family First, a financial education organisation. Regarded as a global expert on financial literacy, she has served as a national […]

Fantasy, reality and prosperity – Chuck Palahniuk

An American West Coast success story, Chuck Palahniuk had a rise to prominence not often imitated. Palahniuk was born in Washington State and spent part of his childhood living in a trailer home. Subsequent to his parents’ divorce when he was in his teens, Palahniuk lived off and on with his grandparents, who offered a […]

The words doctor by Rachel Kelly

In the first of a new series, Rachel Kelly, aka the words doctor, shares a poem or piece of prose to help those finding life difficult. Passionate about the healing power of words, especially poetry, Rachel runs #thewordsdoctor workshops to help those suffering from anxiety and depression, with further support at thewordsdoctor.com Before I share […]

Overcoming illiteracy by Paul Connolly

  On the 8th of this month, we celebrate International Literacy Day. Illiteracy is something many people think of as a problem of the developing world, but many people in first world countries struggle with it. Paul Connolly gives us a firsthand account.   I’m sitting writing my new book, Beating the Odds. My laptop […]

Ever feel like Giving up? by Chrisguille Beau

  I do. It gets lonely out there traveling by myself, spending entire days without talking to anyone sometimes, hanging out in countries where I don’t speak the language and am obviously a foreigner. My work suffers and I make a lot less money than I could if I stayed in one place for a […]

A Passionate Interview with Barrie Davenport by Jodi Chapman

  I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend, Barrie Davenport, today! You may already know her from her amazing blog, Live Bold and Bloom – a wonderful site to help you embrace your life. Barrie has been a sweet friend and mentor to me – she has a huge heart and so much valuable insight.   Barrie […]

Jane Austen: A Modern Woman in the Old World

  There are many who think that Jane Austen would have been a fan of some of the better romantic comedies and dramedies of today. Born in the time of the Industrial Revolution in 1775, Jane Austen hailed from the ‘lower part of the upper crust.’ A devoted writer early on, Jane studied as an […]