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Brett Moran – Are You Awake? by The Best You

From drug dealing and prison time to mindfulness and meditation, Brett Moran’s journey of self-discovery has been monumental, and now he’s on a mission to help others find their own path   Meeting Brett Moran is like being hit with a blast of sunshine – powerful, uplifting and bursting with the feel-good factor. His effusive […]

Believe the hype by Sharon Hadley

Mindfulness has been hailed as a ‘wonder cure’ for mental health, but should it be used in the workplace? Mindfulness expert Sharon Hadley argues the case for its implementation   Mindfulness is commonly defined as being in a state of awareness, on purpose, without judgement. In practice this means really being aware and in tune […]

Maximum effort by Steve Cockram

Super busy, but not making any headway? On holiday, but can’t switch off from the office? You could simply be operating in the wrong gear   It’s January, and getting back to your optimum level of productivity is taking a little while. Or you’re secretly thrilled to be back at your desk and making swift […]

You are what you write by Julia McCutchen

Ever pondered the power of the written word? Well, perhaps the most powerful words come from within – Julia McCutchen wants us to discover who we really are through a conscious approach to creative writing   Imagine that you are at the top of a busy, high-level publishing career and that one day this ends […]

Summer blues- Rachel Kelly

Summertime, and the living’s easy. Except what if it’s not? Rachel Kelly shares her techniques for staying on top if you experience a sinking feeling The sky was a flawless cerulean blue; the sun shone in the kind of steady way that only usually happens in the Mediterranean; and our picnic was perfect: the strawberries […]

The reconnection man- Simon Parke

From priest to supermarket shelf-stacker, Daily Mail columnist and now CEO, Simon Parke wants us to tackle the tricky stuff inside “Mine is a story of failure,” begins Simon Parke, CEO of The Mind Clinic, when asked about his amazing journey. Of course he is being entirely self-deprecating, but there is an intense modesty about […]

Mind over matter- Ruth wolever & Beth Reardon

 Knowing the nutritional make-up of your diet is one thing, but have you ever thought about the psychology of what you eat? A new book combines both to help you lose weight and keep it off for life.   If you’ve ever overeaten, rushed your meal, eaten comfort or junk food, you’re not alone, but […]

Mind the gap

Ever feel like you’re missing a great experience? The answer could be to live in the moment, according to mindfulness expert Gill Hasson Mindfulness is having a spotlight moment, with the technique currently sitting top of the self-help league. Models, actresses, sports stars, even health professionals extol the virtues of mindfulness for tackling mental health, […]

How to be stress-free by Charlotte Watts

Insurmountable workload, family pressures, addictive social media, health concerns – feeling exhausted? You’re not alone, but Charlotte Watts believes there is a way to ditch our stress, and it starts within ourselves Many of us, particularly women, are our own worst critics. In a world where perfection is dangled before us in every sphere of […]

Mindfulness by Bernardo Moya

  In the Personal Development world, mindfulness is a skill I’ve heard about many times in the last few months. Recently, I was pleased to meet Dr Shamash Alidina, one of its leading proponents, so I could find out more about it. Dr Alidina has been teaching Mindfulness techniques for many years and has noted […]