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Making Wealth by John Demartini

When John Demartini set himself the task 43 years ago of understanding how wealth was created, he couldn’t have foreseen how he would find the keys to wealth. At The Best You Expo 2016, he revealed the mindset of the most successful people on the planet   John Demartini is a fascinating individual with extraordinary […]

Power of Creativity by Prof. Philip Bond

Philip Bond explains how we can refocus our brains to reclaim our innate creativity   Whether in business or in their personal lives, many people want to achieve success. For some people success means ‘doing fairly well’ while for others such as top Olympic competitors it means ‘being the best in the world’. Whatever your […]

Making sense of dreams by David Bedrick

    Dreams are quite a large part of our lives. They are a window to our subconscious. But what are your dreams telling you? How can you understand their meaning? David Bedrick offers you three keys to help unlock their wisdom and counsel.   Dreams Are Drafted in Symbols To understand dreams is understanding […]

26 Unusually Insightful Points of Uncommon Wisdom by Alison Golden

  I am usually rather late to trends. They have generally peaked, crested and are on their way down before I jump on the bandwagon. I usually find myself raving about the latest this or that to people who are a) bored or b) horrified they know such a laggard. And so it was with storing […]

Generate Gravitas by Mike Clayton

Wisdom is in the eyes and ears of the people around you, so to make the right impact with your insights. You need to be able to generate the gravitas that says “my insights are worth paying attention to”. Mike Clayton tells us ten ways to make a real impact with your ideas.   Space […]