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12 Happiness Principles – Simple Wisdom for a Crazy World by Zeenat Merchant Syal


Dear Readers, I would like to introduce a beautiful soul to you today, Julie Zommers. She is an exceptional woman…but don’t take my word for it. Read her article/post below and see for yourself. More about Julie at the end of this post.

Enjoy darlings!



Do you feel like your life could do with a little more happiness?

Here are 12 Principles that keep my ‘happiness default’ intact.
I hope they help you.


DIRECTIONS: Read and apply. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

1. Work out what makes you happy. This sounds like the obvious, but most people focus on what they don’t want. For me, I just want to love, be loved and do something I love. Once you have a crystal clear statement imprinted on your mind, even if you don’t know how you are going to make this happen, things will change. You will start making decisions based on your own personalised happiness ‘blueprint’ and you will start attracting different people and opportunities in your life that will align with your decision to commit to your happiness.


2. Use your imagination: Dare to dream what it would feel like. Get into the feeling. Start to act as if you are already living your happy life. If you drag yourself around in your trackies, when you want to look and feel fabulous … well, you know what you have to do!


3. Create time to bring into reality what you really want, that aligns with your happiness blueprint. For example:
Delegate tasks that you have appointed for yourself that someone else can do. No one loves a martyr who denies themselves of joy. If your family resists, stick to your guns! They’ll love the new you!
Learn to say no, it doesn’t define who you are.
Work out what you want to spend your energy on : an hour’s TV, or an hours meditation!
If part of your happiness blueprint is ‘loving others’, then make time for that quick chat.


4. Connect with something ‘bigger’ than you:All sorts of wisdom comes from stillness and listening. Everyone has their different choices. For some, it’s prayer, for others, walking through nature, meditation, playing a musical instrument, sitting on the patio watching a sunset. How much silence is in your life right now?


5. Shift your thinking to others. You can still delegate, say ‘no’ and put boundaries in place that give you ‘you’ time. That’s one thing. But something magical happens when develop a ‘loving other human beings’ radar. A smile, a kind word to someone who has a win through their journey in life. A small note, just telling someone how great you think they are. I always remember any kindness that people have shown me, even from years back, don’t you? Never underestimate the impact of a kind gesture.


6. Start paying attention to your thought patterns. Are you going to buy into your ‘story’ any more? Who told you that you could or couldn’t do something? Who told you that you’re too this or that. You can decide what traits you’d like to develop. Always been labelled as lazy? You can change that in a blink of the eye. A simple decision will do the trick. You’re the boss! And it’s never too late to change :)


7. Allow other people to be who they are. You cannot change other people’s behaviour so that they make you happy :)You can let people know the effect that their behaviour is having on you, but ultimately people will only change because they want to. It took me a long time to learn this lesson, and oh how it kept popping up in my life until I’d learned it!


8. Burn your perfect cape! Do you honestly believe that you have to be perfect? If so, who told you that? Do you know anyone perfect? If so, do you like them :) Perfect, shmerfect! What a huge heavy cloak to carry around on your shoulders. Join the rest of the human race, we’re all wonderfully imperfect!


9. Resign from your role as Manager of the Universe … It is not your job to make everyone else happy. Happiness is an inside job. It’s your responsibility to make yourself happy, so that you can be full of joy, because when you’re in this state you give your best to our world, and isn’t that what it’s all about? Give your support and love to others, but don’t take on the responsibility of their happiness. That’s the job of someone/something far more powerful than you :)


10. If you have something to offer the world, go do it. The world needs you! That idea that keeps ‘knocking on your door’… it’s been given to you to manifest!


11. Feed your senses with beautiful things. Good stuff in, good stuff out! Become aware of what you allow to come into your precious being. What do you watch on TV, what do you read? What do you eat? Do you climb into a beautiful clean bed, or is it a crumpled heap? Does your habitat reflect a place of peace and love? Does it smell beautiful? Do you buy fresh flowers, burn candles, or is there rubbish accumulated, and last week’s dishes on the sink? You are worthy of love and respect, yes, you! Feed your senses with beautiful things.


12. Love yourself right here, right now. Be kind to yourself, be gentle with yourself. Start speaking to yourself like a child you would like to encourage. There is no greater gift that you could give to yourself, and therefore the world, than loving yourself, just the way you are. Perfectly imperfect you.



This post first appeared on Positive Provocations.

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