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Join us at The Best You Exhibition (27-28th February 2016) ExCel, London

COME AND MEET WORLD LEADERS IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND LIFESTYLE ENHANCEMENT IN AN AMAZING WEEKEND EVENT We are tremendously excited about this event, it’s going to be an inspirational weekend. If you are as passionate about personal development as we are, then you absolutely have to be there! So what can you expect? The Grand […]

The 5:2 juice plan by Jason Vale

Juice master Jason Vale is back with a new book that takes the 5:2 diet into a new, highly effective health plan     The practicalities of the 5:2 Juice Diet are ridiculously simple, but the effects it can have on your mental and physical health are extraordinary, especially given its simplicity. This isn’t just […]

Janey loves… by Janey Lee Grace

The Best You’s columnist Janey Lee Grace presents a round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month   The best present With four children you can imagine the furore around Christmas time in my house, the younger ones have been in orbit with excitement from the time the first decorations […]

Inspired Moments by The Best You

With our recent and upcoming seminar programmes, The Best You is creating even more opportunities to be inspired by the personal development industry’s biggest names At The Best You, our mission is to guide people on the path to their greatest selves, and October saw an incredible series of events including our first ever NLP […]

Changing lives, inspiring people, one at a time by Bernardo Moya

With our sister company NLP Life Training, we’ve just delivered eight seminars in 19 days to more than 1,000 people who attended our courses. We love what we do and we love to meet the people who attend our courses and when we see a sparkle in their eye. We have seen this many times […]

Janey loves by The Best You

The Best You welcomes Janey Lee Grace as a columnist with a regular round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month   Age is just a number How old are you? You’re right it’s none of my business and I hope you won’t ask me either. Ever since my dim […]

A little more empathy please by Bernardo Moya

The feeling I get is that we are all slowly becoming more insular, more self-absorbed and massively less empathetic to a degree that we seem not to care. Media coverage has made us quite impermeable, and we are ‘used to’ seeing people suffering with natural disasters, starvation, immigration and vulnerable people living on the streets. […]