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How to acquire financial wisdom

Wealth Mentor Diana Chambers explains why true wealth is finding joy and meaning in our lives, and has very little to do with our finances. On Christmas mornings, as soon as we woke up, my two sisters and I would open the sacks left at the bottom of our beds by Father Christmas. While it […]

Accelerating Growth by Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley was an entrepreneur who was making $10m a year at the age of 21. At The Best You Expo, he talked about the key skills an entrepreneur needs   After selling his business in his twenties, Daniel Priestley decided to look for a new venture and fresh opportunities. Having had a company involved […]

Youth movement

Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis and entrepreneur Amber Atherton are backing the Ryman National Enterprise Challenge’s mission to expose 500,000 kids to business skills by 2020. Co-founder Ben Dyer explains the idea behind the inter-school competition.   Experts in delivering business skills, cousins Ben and Michael Dyer have experienced the highs and lows of enterprise. […]

Time For A New Approach To Education? by Bernardo Moya

  If you do a bit of research, you’ll find the education system was designed to create obedient soldiers to do the bidding of their commanders. That was the specific reason for the creation of kindergarten in the 19Th century. It’s the 21St century, and we’re living with the consequences of that legacy. Schooling designed to create […]

Life Off The Field

On the field, professional athletes are strictly managed. When they do well, they are showered with praise. They are advised on every aspect of their career, from training to psychology, but all too often the development of life skills is neglected. Olympic champion Lizzy Yarnold, who wowed the crowd at the Sochi Winter Games, joined […]

Everyone is a teacher by Jack Canfield

  There’s an old adage that says “those who can’t do, teach.” We whole heartedly disagree and feel that teachers are upstanding member of society. And as bestselling author Jack Canfield points out, some of the most successful people are teachers too.   It’s rarely a surprise to learn that successful people are lifelong learners. […]

6 Steps to Setting Goals that Improve Performance by Joe Wilner

  “The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.” – Jim Rohn   How many goals do you have on your agenda right now? Out of all these goals, how […]

Changing The Rules Of The Game To Become Extraordinary by Bernardo Moya

  With the Olympics about to come to London, Bernardo Moya discusses the skills it takes to get ahead – and how to develop the ability to face problems with fresh eyes. The video above is a great example of doing something other than what’s expected of you, and using your brains rather than following […]

When it rains you get more burgers! – by Peter Thomson

  Peter Thomson reveals the attitude it takes to find the good in every situation.   As a father of four sons I’ve been lucky in my life to have the opportunity to share one of life’s key lessons with all of my boys. That lesson – is that there is always something good to […]

Leaders need to be consistently different! – by Peter Thomson

  Peter Thomson reveals the skills you need to really lead.   Now at first view this appears to be a paradox – however when we examine the idea in detail it becomes clear just how true it is. All leaders need to deal with different people in a different way. The effective leader also […]

If you’re going to Set a Goal, set a Real Goal by Peter Thompson

  How do you go about setting a REAL goal? Peter Thomson investigates.   You and I are interested in personal development – so we’ve been exposed to the idea of goal setting many times in our lives. Here’s a slightly different way to think about the everyday goals you set for yourself. Sometimes the […]