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Leaders need to be consistently different! – by Peter Thomson


Peter Thomson reveals the skills you need to really lead.


Now at first view this appears to be a paradox – however when we examine the idea in detail it becomes clear just how true it is. All leaders need to deal with different people in a different way. The effective leader also deals with the same person in different ways – in different situations.

Yes – the truly effective leader changes his or her style dependent upon the ‘task’ they wish their team member to perform. If the team member is inexperienced or doesn’t have the required level of attitude, skill or knowledge relating to the task – then the leader must ‘manage’ the process.
If the team member is experienced or does have the required level of attitude skill and knowledge – then the outcome can be delegated and the leader can
lead the person through the process.
Leadership is for people – management is for tasks. Most people would agree with this statement. People don’t want to be managed and tasks can’t be led! The challenge comes in knowing when to lead the person and when to manage the task.
Here’s the system I created some years ago that has been tried and tested by many leaders – and shown to be effective.
When trying to decide whether to manage or lead – ask yourself 4 questions about your team member.
How highly do they score in these 4 key areas: Time, attitude, skill and knowledge? If they score highly then the likelihood is that the outcome of the T.A.S.K. can be delegated (leadership mode). If they do not score highly then the process must be managed.
This clearly indicates that leaders need to be consistently different – why?
Because a team member’s – time skills, attitude, skills and knowledge will be different for different tasks!

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