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How to be a Media Magnet by Fiona Harrold

You cannot be a secret and a success. Make the decision to get known and get seen and start getting in the media! fionaharrold.com   Hi, I’m Fiona Harrold. You may know me from articles and appearances in the media where I’m known as Britain’s leading coach or as the best-selling author of Be Your […]

Stand out guy by Rob Yeung

Ever felt invisible in an important situation, such as a job interview, at a party or important meeting? Psychologist and author Dr Rob Yeung believes we all have the power to generate the attention we need and deserve     Your new book, How to stand out, offers practical advice on commanding the attention of […]

Hitting the spot: a Daniel Ek profile

  He has revolutionised the way we listen to music with his app, making millions of songs widely accessible for a very reasonable price. We look at Daniel Ek, the man behind Spotify.   The music industry has gone through many evolutions in the last fifty-odd years. For decades, listening to music at home was […]

Mr Personality: a George Clooney profile

You know him as the handsomest man in the any given room, but there’s a lot more to George Clooney than meets the eye.   George Timothy Clooney was born in Lexintgton in 1961 to a rather auspicious family. His mother, Nina Bruce,was a beauty pageant queen and city councilwoman. His father, Nick Clooney is […]

The Zen of motorcar racing by Stephen Simpson

In this edited extract from his book, The $447 Million Secrets Of Sport, top mind coach Dr. Stephen Simpson examines the mental qualities that separate Spanish F1 racing driver Fernando Alonso from the pack.   Alonso has won the coveted World Championship on two consecutive occasions. He was the youngest driver to achieve this honour, […]