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Own the room… Well, at least part of it – by Michele Paradise

  As part of her discussion of Presentation Skills, and using your NLP abilities to affect how others react to you, Michele Paradise explores How To Be Confident.   Confidence…now there’s a word.  But what is it?  Everyone, yes I do mean everyone, I speak to would like a bit more confidence in some area […]

10 tips to a Happy bride by Michelle Paradise.

  Michele Paradise has worked with 1000s of brides, giving them confidence and up-to-the-minute tips and techniques. An ex-fashion model, life-coach and hypnotherapist who was trained by Paul McKenna PhD, she is recognised as the world’s leading expert on coaching brides.  Always buy your wedding shoes in the afternoon or early evening when your […]

5 Ways To ‘Fake’ Confidence – by Michele Paradise

  Michele Paradise, trainer at our Powerful Presentation Skills weekend, gives you 5 tips on how to be confident. 1: Be Someone Different If you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, why not slip into someone else’s before you go out? Start by choosing an iconic person in your life – someone who has qualirites […]

February 2013

Video interview with Harvey Goldsmith – the legendary music promoter who staged concerts with The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney – the list goes on! We profile Golf supremo Tiger Woods to see what makes him Roar! Bernardo Moya talks with entrepreneur Jessica Huie about how she went from being […]