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Abundance and Self-Limiting Belief by Will Edwards

  Limiting beliefs, just like positive, empowering thoughts, provide a foundation for our experiences and what we demonstrate. Old beliefs can leave us behind ‘ and are often stale, lingering ideas left-over from our childhood experiences or from other areas of life that no longer carry any useful meaning.   Abandoning negative assumptions about lack […]

What lies are you telling yourself? – by Mark Baker

   Sales and Business Coach Mark Baker asks whether we are working to our full potential or being held back by the limits we impose on ourselves. Do you feel as though you are maximising your full potential? Or is there something holding you back, but you just can’t put your finger on it? If […]

Dr Roger Bannister: Belief beyond limits

  On May 6 1954, British runner Dr Roger Bannister ran a mile in three minutes 59.4 seconds. He was the first human being to run the mile in under four minutes. It was a record that changed what people thought was possible. Born in 1929, Bannister’s early inspiration was Sydney Wooderson, who made a […]

Become the Better Version of Yourself by Bernardo Moya

Become the Better Version of Yourself In the first half of the 20th Century, sports “experts” announced it was impossible for the human body to carry enough energy and maintain the strength to run a mile in under 4 minutes. For years, that pronouncement seemed to be true. Athletes tried, but they never broke the […]