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Top 6 romantic destinations

Paris, France Top of the list has to be the city of love, Paris. Romantic walks along the Seine, café dining and the Eiffel Tower are synonymous with romancing couples. If you really want to push the boat out, reserve the penthouse suite at the Four Seasons Hotel George V which has a bird’s eye […]

Jolly good sport: an interview with Raman Raheja

  From early on in his career, Raman Raheja knew that he wanted to entertain people, and one of the most popular ways of doing this is through sport. Kabaddi is an ancient Indian contact sport, and Raheja is making it his mission to bring it to the west via the World Kabaddi League.   […]

Recipe for success: an interview with Perween Warsi by Bernardo Moya

Described as Britain’s “Curry Queen”, Perween Warsi came to the UK aged 19 knowing nothing about Britain, but plenty about good food. Nearly 40 years on she owns a hugely successful food manufacturer, S & A Foods and her net worth is estimated at £70 million. Bernardo Moya asks her to share her recipe for […]

Say hello to Bollywood by Mihir Bose

India may now be one of the emerging giants of the world, but long before this shiny, new, India emerged, Bollywood had taken a western medium and converted it into a wholly Indian product. Bollywood aficionado Mihir Bose tells us how the Mumbai based film industry is the biggest in the world, outranking Hollywood in […]