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The revolution begins here – The Oola Guys by Bernardo Moya

There’s a movement spreading across America. It’s called Oola, and it was created by the Oola Guys – Dr Dave and Dr Troy. With its simple methods of finding balance in an unbalanced world, it looks set to grow and grow. Bernardo Moya speaks to The Oola Guys What is Oola? “Oola,” Dr Dave tells […]

Unbroken broker: Amanda Staveley

    While her father was an influential part of Amanda Staveley’s life, she spent much of her formative years with her grandparents in and around Yorkshire. Her maternal grandfather owned a betting shop, making good, if not exactly clean money. Staveley has surmised though that she learned most of everything she knows about business […]

7 ways to save cash

As the tax year turns, The Best You has 7 ways to save you cash in the financial year ahead. 1. Pay yourself Once your salary drops in to your account, make sure it’s not frittered away. Set up a direct debit for a set amount and have it transfer to a deposit account each […]

Life after debt by Ann Wilson

  There is life after debt. In fact, it’s a pretty glorious life. Sadly, for many people mired in debt who feel desperate and unsure where to turn, that life seems like a pipe dream. Ann Wilson has seven steps to break free.   Step 1: Imagine Get very clear on what you want and […]

Relationships in business by Steve Bolton

  Steve Bolton, founder of Platinum Property Partners, understands the importance of using good relationships to grow your business. He offers some guidance so you can do the same.  The legendary Jim Rohn concluded that we are likely to become, in terms of wealth, health, and happiness, the average of the five people with whom […]

Putting Herself Forward by The Best You

  Benardo Moya talks to Etta Cohen, and finds out how she founded Forward Ladies, and has become a beacon for woman entrepreneurs countrywide.   When Etta Cohen realised her marriage had come to an end, her future looked bleak.   “My son had just had his second birthday and my daughter was six. It […]

Feeling the Squeeze? By John Fairhurst

John Fairhurst from free debt advice company Payplan explains why debt is a growing problem in Britain and what you can do to get your finances in order. He offers some debt-busting tips to boost your financial well-being. The economy might be off life support, but the latest figures show that people in Britain are […]

Finance and technology: Interview with Shane Caniglia

Shane Caniglia was searched out by The Rich Dad Company to take on the President position and spearhead technology initiatives never before tackled by this financial-education company. The Best You caught up with him to chat about his projects. Robert and Kim Kiyosaki realised early on that serving financial literacy to the masses took an […]

Always Best, and Getting Bigger

  Changing who you are and the results you attain is achievable. The effects cascade through families, communities, networks. It’s time for the next step. To harness the power of digital media and boost the reach of The Best You. And we’d love you to be involved. Join us, on a crowdfunding adventure to discover […]

Can you have a work life balance? by Stefanie Hartman

  Are you lacking energy and tired of living from paycheck to paycheck? Maybe you’re tired of 60-hour workweeks, or your deadlines prevent you from having a happy, balanced home. Stefanie Hartman asks if a work life balance is just a pipe dream.   If you’re dragging your feet to work every day, it might […]

10 Things A Business Needs To Be Valuable by Jo Haigh

  How do you present your business to make it really saleable, by business and finance expert Jo Haigh. There are numerous ways of valuing a business but only one that works; that is the price you are prepared to accept and the buyer is prepared and is able to pay. What you can do […]

Attraction or distraction and risk-taking by Jo Haigh (Finance Expert)

  What sort of risk-taker are you in business, and is now the right time to investigate? Business and finance expert Jo Haigh investigates.   When business is tough, as it is now for most people, the sound business advice is to go back to basics and keep your core business intact. Sage advice indeed but […]

Murphy’s Law by Jo Haigh

  Business and finance expert Jo Haigh writes about dealing with the unexpected in business negotiations. It’s a fact; if it can go wrong it will do I have successfully completed literally hundreds of corporate finance transactions on behalf of numerous clients. A handful have gone through without any hitches the rest…well the rest have […]

The Way NOT To Negotiate by Jo Haigh

  What are the mistakes people make when they negotiate? Business and finance expert Jo Haigh explores. We learn to negotiate from being small children “I will eat my sprouts if I can have a biscuit”   All the way through adolescence “I will do my homework if I can go out with my friends […]

For the love of Money by T.Harv Eker

  Internationally acclaimed author and coach T. Harv Eker shares some wise lessons for financial-phobes on how personal and financial wellbeing may be linked, particularly during or post- recession…     On the face of it, a partnership between two people in love shouldn’t be affected by our own view of ‘The Mean Green’. Yet, […]