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The No-Nonsense Approach To Happiness And Success by Ailsa Frank

Experienced hypnotherapist and author Ailsa Frank shares five top tips from her book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing to help you move ahead in life Early on in my book I stress the importance of taking control of your mind at every moment of your day so you can make amazing things happen. Even […]

Happy in your work? by The Best You

At the start of 2016, The Best You performed a survey of attitudes to work of people throughout the UK, including questions about happiness and what can be done to give people more fulfillment in their working lives. The Life Meaning survey had some surprises and shocks. We take a look at what this means […]

Rocky Road to Success: Dabo Swinney – A Life of Good Play-Calling

Dabo Swinney is a collegiate American football coach who took a long-shot team to the national championship in 2015. Swinney was born in 1969 Alabama, at a time when American football was gaining exponential popularity. A born hard worker, Swinney from a young age had the fortitude to look past the rough patches his family […]

Sir Clive Woodward: Maker of champions by Bernardo Moya

Prior to his appearance at The Best You Great Minds Seminar on 28 February, former England Rugby Union coach Sir Clive Woodward – who is famous for bringing the Rugby World Cup home to England in 2003 – tells The Best You about his life, his attitude to coaching, and what exactly makes a champion […]

Success is a team sport, interview with author Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is an expert in leadership and inspiration. His TED Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action is Currently the third most watched of any of the TED Talks, and his books Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last give a completely new insight into the art of success. The skills of leadership, inspiration and […]

Rich enough?

By what measures do you evaluate your wealth? Jill McCulloch believes it takes more than financial success to become truly rich Wealth is not just about money, it’s about having an abundance of the things that we value. Discovering our values, the things that uniquely bring us fulfilment, is an extensive exercise. Underpinning these are […]

Becoming a coach by Jamelle Sanders

Many of us dream of giving up our day job to pursue the dream of becoming a personal development coach. Jamelle Sanders shares his experience of doing so  As I look back on my personal journey as a life coach and entrepreneur, I learned many lessons that I wish I could have anticipated when I […]

Honesty can be pretty damn rude by David Cain

  Lying is regular a part of being polite. Long-time readers know that I don’t accept guest posts here, other than two or three by-invite exceptions. But I get requests all the time and I try to turn people down graciously. Even though a lot of them are probably mass-mailing their submissions, I reason that […]

Input and output and something in between by Laura Spicer

Voice specialist Laura Spicer explains how NLP can help you be better understood I am often asked what NLP is and what I do as an NLP consultant and Voice Coach. As with any tool that has myriad uses, it’s difficult to describe in few words. How would you describe what a car is to […]