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The No-Nonsense Approach To Happiness And Success by Ailsa Frank

Experienced hypnotherapist and author Ailsa Frank shares five top tips from her book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing to help you move ahead in life

Early on in my book I stress the importance of taking control of your mind at every moment of your day so you can make amazing things happen.

Even when it is difficult you need to keep focussed on finding an amazing way through the situation. People often have one or two areas of their lives going well whilst other areas are less positive.

By improving the worst and the best parts of your life at the same time the happier and more successful you will be overall. You can apply these techniques to everyday stresses, money, work, heartache and relationships….

Step 1: Release the past…
aka pebbles in the pond technique

Imagine you are holding colourful pebbles in your hand as you stand beside a garden pond. Each pebble represents the negative past. Imagine throwing the pebbles into the pond. As the pebbles disappear into the water you let go of the past releasing it which allows your mind and life to move on. You can repeat this exercise at anytime and in any place.

Step 2: Ignore negative thoughts..
aka clouds in the sky technique

To release negative thoughts or worry, using the fingers of your right hand to rub, tap or press the knuckles of your left hand to reassure yourself that everything will be fine. Say to yourself, ‘Let it go. Let it pass’. Imagine the bad feeling passing by like clouds in the sky.

Step 3: Take control of overwhelming moments… aka red triangle technique

Visualise a red triangle in your mind.
Put any fears, uncomfortable emotions or stress into the triangle. Then imagine the triangle shrinking until it is as small as a speck of dust. Then imagine blowing the speck of dust away. You can do this technique regularly to feel more in control.

Step 4: Train your mind to find solutions… aka wiggly string technique

When you are trying to achieve new things it is often hard to see how you can do this. Visualise the future as being like a wiggly string leading you on an amazing treasure hunt through your life. Imagine finding everything you need along the way. When you believe there is going to be a way forward, you will find it. Whatever is happening in your life see the string leading you through it in the best way possible.

Step 5: Create an ‘I can do it’ attitude… aka inner coach technique

Believe in yourself on a deeper level by making yourself get on with a task, repeat to yourself, ‘I can do. I am doing it. It is done’. Then think of an expert in the field of what you are trying to achieve, imagine them telling you how amazing you are. What would they say to encourage you? Imagine being the expert coaching yourself. If you hear yourself self-doubting remember to call upon your inner coach. Imagine they praise you as they are pleased with your progress.




Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing by Ailsa Frank is available at hypnobalance.co.uk and at all e-bookshops & Kindle.



‘This book leaves you feeling like you’ve had a heart to heart with a wise friend. Ailsa has something new to offer with no mumbo jumbo nonsense I stayed with the book to the end. Go on then why not Cut the crap and Feel Amazing!’

Amanda Riley-Jonesfreelance journalist

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