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John D Rockefeller A prudent investor

It could be argued that John D. Rockefeller was so successful both because of, and in spite of his father. Born in southern New York state in the mid-19th century, Rockefeller’s father was a traveling elixir salesman, known for his slick business acumen and infidelity. His mother taught Rockefeller to be conservative by nature, always […]

Marissa Mayer A graceful leader

Hailing from America’s heartland, Marissa Mayer was born in Wisconsin in 1975. Her family occupied rather bucolic careers; her mother an art instructor and her father an environmental engineer specialising in water. Though she suffered from intense shyness throughout her childhood, Mayer recognised this in herself and attempted to counteract it by participating in numerous […]

Aaron Swartz In pursuit of transparency

Much like the early days of the internet, Aaron Swartz walked his own path to destiny. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Swartz was the son of a computer software entrepreneur and designer. From his earliest teenage years, Swartz was drawn to the internet and the ability to imprint his own software designs on it. […]

Madonna Queen of entertainment

Born into the care of a Michigan-based autoworker father in 1958, Madonna experienced tragedy early in life, losing her mother to breast cancer when she was five years old. Greatly affected by her mother’s death, Madonna has said that the difference between her and other disoriented youths was that she cared more about focusing her […]

Rich enough?

By what measures do you evaluate your wealth? Jill McCulloch believes it takes more than financial success to become truly rich Wealth is not just about money, it’s about having an abundance of the things that we value. Discovering our values, the things that uniquely bring us fulfilment, is an extensive exercise. Underpinning these are […]

How to be more TED-like

TED talks have rewritten the rules of public speaking. Carmine Gallo, author of Talk Like TED explains what makes a powerful presentation today.   “Like it or not, you’re being compared to a TED talk,” says Carmine Gallo when asked what makes a good speech. After 30 years and a global network of conferences run […]

What are you worth? Ann Wilson

For Ann Wilson, self value should be your first consideration if you are to achieve your maximum financial potential Do you ever say any of the following? I’ll start saving and investing when I’ve got some spare money I’ll go dance/paint/ride my motorbike (apply whichever excites you) when I’ve got some free time I’ll play […]