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Emily Blunt Talk of the town

Emily blunt

Not your typical ‘rocky road’ to success story, Emily Blunt was born to a well-to-do London family in 1983. Amidst three siblings and a father who was a career-barrister, Blunt early on began to struggle with being heard. Around the age of seven, she found that she couldn’t speak like other children; not fluidly nor […]

Leonardo da Vinci A legitimate wonder

In a time when it meant that a certain path in life was guaranteed if you happened to be born out of wedlock, Leonardo da Vinci was the illegitimate son of an affluent businessman. Da Vinci spent his childhood in both his mother’s and father’s households, being raised and influenced by many different relatives. His […]

Joan of Arc A leader of royalty

Joan of Arc was born to a peasant family in France during the early fifteenth century. She was raised by parents loyal to French royal leadership, despite being surrounded by villages which were sympathetic to a rebel uprising; one that paved the way for the English to invade France. When Joan was 13, she says […]

Jon Stewart The voice of a generation

Truly a child of the empire state, Jon Stewart was born in New York City in 1962. He and his brother were raised by educated parents, however as children were subjected to the pains of divorce. Growing up in seemingly bucolic New Jersey, Stewart was often subjected to anti-Semitic intimidation and oppression while attending school. […]