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Inspirational Stories

Martin Strel is the seemingly indestructible marathon swimmer whose record-breaking achievements have inspired audiences around the world. The Best You learns how he does it Slovenian-born Martin Strel known as ‘Big River Man’ for good reason. He started in 1992 by swimming the 63-mile-long Krka River in Croatia in 28 hours. Then in 1997 he […]

Michael Phelps – Pool Of Gold

Pool of Gold With 28 Olympic medals to his name, Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian ever and has won more Golds at a single Olympics than any other athlete. He has broken world records repeatedly in many different styles and distances, and has been described as the world’s most successful athlete of all […]

Hannah Mermaid – Force of Nature by The Best You

  Hannah Mermaid, aka Hannah Fraser, is the first person to make a living as a full time mermaid. She tells The Best You how she came to make a unique career out of a passion for the sea – and the pros and cons of swimming with the sharks.   As far back as […]

7 places to take the plunge

You can find fantastic places to dip a toe in outdoor waters at wildswim.com – here are some spots to try… 1.Plodda Fall, Nr Tomich, Invernesshire, Highlands Hike through the forestto get to a reviving plunge pool at the bottom of Scotland’s highest waterfall. Stunning for diving and swimming, it’s an exhilarating experience. 2. The […]

Making a splash by Andrew Fusek Peters

Outdoor swimming has grown from an underground movement to a mainstream activity. Writer Andrew Fusek Peters says it also provided part of his recovery from depression As I child, I swam across the Thames at Wargrave. The water-weeds waving underneath my feet gave me a pleasurable shiver, even though I was told about the man […]