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Zen & The Art of Smiling by Garry Jones

Garry Jones explains that the simple act of smiling can make an enormous difference to your wellbeing   My all-consuming passion for martial arts complements my work in mind coaching. They are intertwined in one particular way. The Zen quest of discovering the mind and body relationship. I relish the application of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic […]

Setting the mood by Stephen Doran

Stephen Doran says that the way we present ourselves can have an enormous effect on our mindset   What came first – the frown or the bad mood? We know that one’s internal state is often clearly demonstrated through an overt physiology. Slumped shoulders, drooping head and frowning face. Yet physiology and mind state are […]

Brian Banks: A Tragedy, A Triumph and A Smile

  A tale of utter system failure if there ever was one, Brian Banks is known these days for his ‘breath of fresh-air’ positive attitude and the big smile that is perpetually written on his face. Banks was raised in Long Beach, California and attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School, which is known for churning […]

When you’re smiling

This year National Smile Month takes place from 20 May to 20 June and is the UK’s largest oral health campaign. It gives us the opportunity to learn more about why looking after your pearly whites is so very, very important. Although it’s called National Smile Month, there is a serious issue behind it. Poor […]