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A happening guy

Mr fix-it to the rich and famous, Steve Sims has lived at the top, so what has it taught him about the meaning of life? Daska Davis chats with man who makes things happen Wealth, luxury, lavish lifestyles. They used to be the pinnacles of success. And they still are, but there’s a new rich […]

Write Your Way To Success by Gerry Robert

  It has been said that everyone has a book in them. This usually refers to a novel or a memoir, but what about writing a book solely for marketing purposes. Self-publishing a book is one of the best ways to increase your profile, explains Gerry Robert.   When you become an author you instantly […]

Gifts really do keep on giving by Bernardo Moya

    What is it that makes gifts so special? First, think less of the gift itself and more the act of giving. Being generous makes both the donor and the receiver feel good – and that buzz encourages both to do more of the same with other people.   It shouldn’t be surprising that […]

You Are What You Remember by David Thomas

David Thomas is a US Memory Champion and Guinness record memory record holder for memorising and reciting Pi to 22,500 digits. In this article, he explains how we can all improve our memory.   What is the benefit of improving your memory? I think it is simply being able to do what others can’t or […]