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Captain and crew by Gerry Robert

  Do you want something that is seemingly beyond your grasp? The Law of Attraction states that focussing your energy on your heart’s desires will help you to manifest them. Gerry Robert has some top tips on being the captain of your subconscious.   This simple tool could very well be the thing that turns […]

Hang in there by Gerry Robert

  Life can be tough on a person. It can be tough on a family. So many people lack the mental ability to hang in there in the tough times. You can control your thoughts, says Gerry Robert.   You can practice perspective by changing the way you interpret your circumstance, situations, and environments. The […]

Write Your Way To Success by Gerry Robert

  It has been said that everyone has a book in them. This usually refers to a novel or a memoir, but what about writing a book solely for marketing purposes. Self-publishing a book is one of the best ways to increase your profile, explains Gerry Robert.   When you become an author you instantly […]

How Kissing Tells You Plenty About Business by Gerry Robert

  Just think back to the first time you kissed someone of the opposite sex. Remember how exciting (or scary, for some) it was? What does selling have to do with kissing? Gerry Robert, best-selling author of the Millionaire Mindset, reckons kissing is a perfect metaphor for selling.   Let’s look at all the aspects […]