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Time to think by Elliot Kay

Elliot Kay has a vision for his clients’ businesses’ growth, and it all starts with strategy   – Tell us about Strategic Brilliance Services and how you help companies to grow their businesses. What we do is give people a tool that has been tested and tried over the last four years which has proven […]

What have you memorised? By Jim Aitkins

Jim Aitkins believes that we can create results by learning from the success of experts   Some 30 years ago, my first ‘real’ job was in sales. I was hired by a life & health insurance brokerage firm to sell its insurance products to people who had requested information. It was 100 per cent commission […]

Selling it – Chris Cardell by Bernardo Moya

As a child, Chris Cardell dreamt of owning a microphone, so how did a Capital Radio producer become a marketing mastermind? Bernardo Moya found out Chris Cardell tells me that everyone in business is in marketing. He says it with the confidence of one who has helped numerous businesses succeed. “Everybody asks the question, ‘What should […]

Should Sales Be Taught In Schools? by Russell Ward

  Russell Ward is CEO of Silent Edge – a specialist in sales training, motivation and much else. Here he writes about the central overlooked skill in British culture – that of sales. I find it astonishing that sales is not taught in schools, on any Business Studies course whether it be an A level, […]

Value Added – Tips for Selling a Business, by Jo Haigh

  When a property doesn’t sell, an estate agent worth their fee may recommend that some rectification or improvement work could improve the selling chances. For instance, just because you like deep purple walls, this doesn’t appeal to everyone. There’s nothing like a nice coat of magnolia to improve that first impression! Likewise adding a […]

Machiavelli vs The Dalai Lama: What Makes the Perfect Leader? by Russell Ward

Russell Ward is CEO of Silent Edge – a specialist in sales training and motivation asks What Makes the Perfect Leader? It’s one of the oldest, most contentious questions around: what does it take to be the perfect leader? There are high-profile advocates for each side of the debate. In The Prince, Machiavelli suggested that […]

Telephone Talk And Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Laura Spicer

Laura Spicer describes four ways of speaking that can really undermine your telephone manner. Is your telephone manner letting you down? Do you find that you don’t build the rapport with clients that others do, when you are working on the phone? Ever wondered why? It’s amazing how few people actually pay attention to what […]

Reading Body Language for Better Sales – by John Vincent

When you’re selling, the timing of when to close the deal can be everything. And it’s your understanding of your customer’s emotional state that is going to tell you when that close should happen. When you meet different customers, each will have their own emotional setting. So, when they come in to see you, or […]