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Moving On

It’s ten years since Paul McGee’s straight-talking book, S.U.M.O (Shut Up, Move On) first hit bookshelves. With a special anniversary issue out this month, he reflects on the impact the title has had. Life has a curious knack of leading us towards our purpose. When Paul McGee became unwell and lost his management job with a […]

Get Realistic! by Tim Brownson

  I was working with a life coaching client this week on some stress management issues when he suddenly accused me of not being realistic.   Whenever I hear this, it never fails to make me smile. It is such an easy objection to overcome.   There is a pre-supposition in NLP that whatever one human being […]

Your Most Enjoyable Year Yet – by Michael Neill

  Since 1994, I have begun each year by going through a wonderful process developed by Jinny Ditzler called your Best year yet. I would review my achievements and failures from the year before, look for any limiting beliefs that might be holding me back, check in with my values and set my goals for […]