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How a Positive Mindset Can Help You Build a Business

From Rags To Riches Life is different for every person. Many people have been born in a “Golden Cradle”: big houses, luxury cars, full cupboards, the best schools, well-positioned, and so on. Meanwhile, others have had to face misfortune, homeless, watching life go by, hopeless, without any reason to fight. I happened to live part […]

The top 10 things amazing leaders do by Robin Sharma

  Self-help guru Robin Sharma has distilled 10 of the most valuable and practical insights on leadership that he has taught to global corporate clients like. These ideas have helped them do some great things, and he hopes that they deliver the same results for you.   Leadership. I Love that word. It makes me […]

Machiavelli Vs The Dalai Lama: What Makes The Perfect Leader?

  Russell Ward is CEO of Silent Edge – a specialist in sales training and motivation asks What Makes the Perfect Leader?  It’s one of the oldest, most contentious questions around: what does it take to be the perfect leader? There are high-profile advocates for each side of the debate. In The Prince, Machiavelli suggested […]

Leaders need to be consistently different! – by Peter Thomson

  Peter Thomson reveals the skills you need to really lead.   Now at first view this appears to be a paradox – however when we examine the idea in detail it becomes clear just how true it is. All leaders need to deal with different people in a different way. The effective leader also […]

The Will to Win: Humphrey Walters by Bernardo Moya

Humphrey Walters wanted to find out about leadership, so he sailed around the world the wrong way. Bernardo Moya finds out about leadership, global yacht racing and winning the Rugby World Cup.   A powerful public speaker and expert on leadership who has inspired the very best, Humphrey Walters knows how to get things done […]