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Get ready to train for your success by Bernardo Moya

    A summer of sport is one of the season’s treats, and each year I am astounded by the levels of physical achievement that athletes around the globe reach in every event. If, like me, you’ve ever pondered what it takes to become an elite sports star, we have real insight in this month’s […]

Their inspirational stories

  There are so many challenges in the world, and this month aims to bring about awareness for three of them: men’s health, diabetes and bullying. We have three amazing survival stories from people who have overcome these challenges.   Ben Bower Two-time cancer survivor, London Back in 2006I had a bit of pain and […]

Gifts really do keep on giving by Bernardo Moya

    What is it that makes gifts so special? First, think less of the gift itself and more the act of giving. Being generous makes both the donor and the receiver feel good – and that buzz encourages both to do more of the same with other people.   It shouldn’t be surprising that […]

Can 48 seconds change your life?

      Yes, it can. It only takes one tip, one idea, one book, one video, one interview to change your life. Join the revolution! Subscribe for Free to the digital version of The Best You, the fastest growing personal development and educational magazine. Live a Life Without Limits. Have you been eyeing this […]