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Telling Beauty’s story by Rita Edah

For abuse survivor Rita Edah, writing her first novel helped her recover her life and move forward   Beauty’s Story is bigger than me. That is why I am able to tell it.  Even now, I recall the tears rolling down my cheeks as I typed the very first lines for the very first time: […]

Inspirational Story – Amanda Hart

Hardship and suffering don’t define us, says Amanda Hart whose story aims to help others move beyond despair   From the age of four I learned how to survive a harrowing upbringing when I was taken from my mother and was suddenly thrust into a world of hatred and violence. Up to that point I […]

Rocky Road to Success: Elizabeth Taylor – Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Elizebeth Taylor was born in a suburb of London during the all-too-short years of peace between World War I and World War II. By happenstance, Taylor’s parents had chosen to pursue financial gain in an industry seemingly impervious to The Great Depression: art dealing; they escaped much of the fallout from the economic hardship in […]

Life after abuse- Dr Lisa Turner

Dr Lisa Turner was a sufferer of emotional and psychological abuse from an older partner, and was held as a virtual house prisoner until she found the strength to leave.  Here, she shares her advice on thriving after abuse   Let go of shame and reclaim your power Shame and guilt are powerfully destructive emotions […]

Rob Young Marathon man

With a world record to break and a plan to transform the lives of disadvantaged children around the globe, Rob Young is a man on a mission For most people, running a marathon would be a life achievement, a tick on the bucket list. When Rob Young watched the London Marathon last year, he was inspired […]

Breaking the cycle of abuse: An interview with Marala Scott

    Abuse has a powerful way of perpetuating itself through the people subjected to its tragic circumstances. Kristen White chats with Marala Scott, a woman who went from a life of abuse to being a successful author, motivational speaker, mother, and Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope.   According to the US Department of Health and […]