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Be The Brand by Janey Lee Grace

In her new book, Janey Lee Grace explains why thinking of yourself as a brand can improve your chances of success in achieving your dreams Are you an expert, teacher, practitioner or have you always wanted to write a book or share your story with a wider audience? I’d wager that a high percentage of […]

Daniel Priestley

Bernardo Moya meets Daniel Priestley, who made his first million at the age of 22, was in charge of a national company at the tender age of 25, and now advises businesses worldwide, accelerating their growth and delivering brilliant observations and practical help to take them to the next level of development From the very […]

Janey Lee Grace

Today known as a DJ on Radio 2, Janey Lee Grace’s career has been wide, varied, artistic and exciting. From pop singer to DJ to self-help author and brand specialist, she has a welter of experience to share – and unique knowledge of the levers of success “I was born to show off – when […]

Kelle Bryan

As a teenager, Kelle Bryan enjoyed chart success with Eternal, but after pop stardom, lupus struck. Despite this she hasn’t let the illness stop her achieving her ambitions and helping others too Sitting in a Winnebago on a farm in 500 acres of green countryside, having her hair and make-up done for reality show, Flock […]

Robert Holden

Happiness expert Robert Holden talks to Bernardo Moya about feeling good, love and success, and the place they all come from Robert Holden has his parents to thank for his becoming a leading light of the Positive Psychology movement. He was aware of the flipside of happiness early on. His mother suffered depression which sometimes […]

Sir Clive Woodward

Prior to his appearance at The Best You Great Minds Seminar on 28 February, former England Rugby Union coach Sir Clive Woodward – who is famous for bringing the Rugby World Cup home to England in 2003 – tells Bernardo Moya about his life, his attitude to coaching, and what makes a champion   For […]

Jason Vale

For the first time in the history of the ‘Best You’ events and as part of one of his ONLY seminars of 2016, Jason Vale will be bringing you his exclusive and most up-to-date talk yet; the ‘Super Juiced’ Seminar. Jason is the best-selling author of twelve books on health, addiction and juicing. His books […]

Barbara De Angelis by Bernardo Moya

After the launch of her latest book, Soul Shifts, Dr Barbara De Angelis talks with Bernardo Moya about love, life and how she became a leading personal development author without ever meaning to… For 30 years, Dr Barbara De Angelis has dedicated herself to helping others on their spiritual journeys. From the age of 18, […]