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Snap to success – Sara Blakely

One could argue that Sara Blakely grew up as a perfect blend of both her parents. Raised by a lawyer father and artist mother in Clearwater, Florida, USA, Blakely was raised to achieve and succeed, but ultimately did it with a focus and flair reminiscent of both of her parents. After college, and toying with […]

Past interference – Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner was born in Iowa in 1971, and was raised there through high school. All was not an ideal dream in America’s heartland however. Warner’s parents divorced when he was still a small child. He went to live with his mother and brother during his formative years. It was here that he turned to […]

Fantasy, reality and prosperity – Chuck Palahniuk

An American West Coast success story, Chuck Palahniuk had a rise to prominence not often imitated. Palahniuk was born in Washington State and spent part of his childhood living in a trailer home. Subsequent to his parents’ divorce when he was in his teens, Palahniuk lived off and on with his grandparents, who offered a […]

Unbroken broker: Amanda Staveley

    While her father was an influential part of Amanda Staveley’s life, she spent much of her formative years with her grandparents in and around Yorkshire. Her maternal grandfather owned a betting shop, making good, if not exactly clean money. Staveley has surmised though that she learned most of everything she knows about business […]