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10 ways to tell you’re being lied to by Darren Stanton

 The Human Lie Detector. He is one of the world’s leading body language experts, and is a master of uncovering deception. Here are his ten things to look out for to tell if someone is lying to you…   1. There’s no eye contact For the most part, people are uncomfortable when it comes to […]

Throw a Larger Stone Today by Derek Mills

    THROW A LARGER STONE TODAY ‘Is there anything that can stop or change the ripples of a stone thrown in a lake?’ You might answer, ‘No! Apart from the lake’s shores, which are its physical limits.’ But the real answer is ‘Yes, a larger stone!’ The combined effect is that the new stone […]

The Monster Within – The Story Of Mary Shelley’s Success by The Best You

  “Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.”   Born in London in the late 18th century, Mary Shelley’s life began in tragedy. Her mother passed away from childbirth complications when Shelley was eleven days old. Philosophically advanced for his day, Shelley’s father, William Godwin, would make sure that she knew her late mother […]

10 Life Lessons Everyone Should Know by Sibyl Chavis

  I think one of the most important things I have finally learned is to pay attention to the lesons that are coming my way every single day. I totally used to miss them. I always had so much going on and the majority of my attention was focused on what I was doing, but […]

Dear LOA: What’s The Point Of Being Here? by Melody Fletcher

  So there I was a few months ago, lying in bed one night, meditating as I often do (I can get into deeper meditations in the dark), when I had another one of my epiphanies. I’ve had a few in my life, some huge (like the one I’m about to share here), many slightly […]