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Throw a Larger Stone Today by Derek Mills




Is there anything that can stop or change the ripples of a stone thrown in a lake? You might answer,No! Apart from the lake’s shores, which are its physical limits. But the real answer is Yes, a larger stone! The combined effect is that the new stone causes the old waves to deviate and change direction to a lesser or greater degree. However, the overall initial wave direction stops when a sufficiently LARGER STONE is thrown in the lake. Then the original forces at work in that lake are permanently changed. Life is like that lake, like those stones, and each of us regardless of our past have the opportunity to throw a larger stone today.


I’ve thrown a few stones into the lake of my life, haven’t you? We may consider every past action of our lives as a stone thrown in a lake. These actions ripple and affect our present lives. We cannot change the past, but can we change our present and future? We do this by taking significant authentic action from the person who we are now, rather than the person that we were when we threw some of those old stones… How might you take this idea, turn it into an action, throwing your larger stone?


Maybe, it is a decision about the Standard of how you allow others to treat (mistreat?) you.  It could be how you historically treated yourself or another. Maybe it is something that you know is just wrong, something that you set in motion many throws ago. It’s time to throw another stone, to clear up that present problem. Cleaning up our messes changes the path of our life. Who didn’t you tell that you love them? Who were you afraid to ask to do business with you? What problem did you cause? Who, right now might you go and forgive, instead love and help? Did you not vote? Many died for that right the world over. Getting out the vote is a stone throwing action.  Is the job or career that you are in, the right career for you? Or are you there because of a stone that you threw when you were younger, greener?  What did society make you into all those years ago? Make that call, do that thing, walk that walk, heal that wound, hold that hand, be what you can be. Act from your truth and change everything.


The Beatles wrote Let it be but I don’t know if we should. The world, your world won’t get better if you just let it be. Throw a larger stone and change the present ripples from the past’s stones. We change the world for the better when we act from truth and in a balanced way for others and ourselves. In doing so we throw a larger stone into our own lives. Our authentic self is the best of us. The key is to act from that place in our connection and dealings with others.

I have thrown some ‘good’ stones and somebad ones, each was its own teacher, yet today I can change my present by the stones I choose to throw today.

Some might call it naïve to think such simple words, thoughts, questions, phrases and ideas can change the world, but I tell you this; when each of us acts as if this were true, because it is, we will begin to see such a positive change in this world, that we will, at once begin to wonder how we missed this point and truth all this time.

When your time on earth is done, what will you regret letting be? For the want of throwing a larger stone, your dreams may die with you, your music unplayed. Perhaps you dance to the tune of another because of a stone someone else threw long ago? Right now in this place, at this time, you can act.Let it be no longer: You can throw a larger stone in faith, even though this may be a challenge.


I can do this. We can do this. And when we do, our own lives, the lives of our heirs will feel the positive ripples, in time.  We have all made mistakes, me more than most. But each day I get up, I pick up a stone and I throw it. I throw it for good, for better, for others and for myself. I don’t care who’s watching. It matters not what stones I threw yesterday, today I change me, and today I change the world, in the throwing of this stone.

Throwing a new larger stone does not take courage, it does not take willpower; it just takes your Truth.

It doesn’t matter which historical figures threw the stones in times gone by. They may have created today’s world, but we now inhabit it. We are today’s stone throwers. We do not have to politically, economically, emotionally or spiritually live by those old ripples, because today, we who are alive can throw once more and change everything. Look at your life, look at your community, look at your company, your business, look at your country, look at the world and throw a larger stone today. Pass it on, wont you?


Go on…

Throw a larger stone. 


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