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 The Aha! Moment by Mariana Cooper

Ever wondered how some people seem to intuitively know what to do and when? In an interview with The Best You, Mariana Cooper explains how you can have it too Tell us about the Aha! Factor and how you developed the language of answered prayer. I was raised to believe that there was always more […]

Transformational NLP As A Tool For Healing With The Spirit by Cissi Williams

Cissi Williams is a certified NLP trainer, transformational coach, osteopath, naturopath and energy medicine practitioner. Here she writes about the power of transformational NLP   Would you like to be able to tap into the creative power and wisdom that exists within each and everyone of us? If you do, then transformational NLP may be […]

Social light by Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell has worked for some of the biggest global brands, yet her advice for social media climbers is to always be true to yourself   London’s advertising agencies are world-class, recognised globally as the pinnacle of any aspiring creative director’s career success. And so thought Rebecca Campbell who left her native Australia to join […]